Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cozy Mystery Pets of the Month - Special Contest!

This is a contest for cat lovers!

Instead of introducing you to an adorable cozy pet, we're going to have you try to guess the names of three famous fictional cats. They all work together in the same series of books and while they do all the typical things real-life cats do, these cats also help an amateur sleuth investigate crimes.

No, they're not quite looking for clues using a magnifying glass, but they have their methods. They also serve to comfort their mistress, make her laugh, and get in her way when she's trying to sew one of her soft and colorful quilts.

Here are the clues about the three cats: One always sits on top of the sofa behind our heroine and is a smart alpha. The second cat is big, has a long red coat, and is the "watch cat". And the third is champagne with seal points, allergic to human dander, and is a total lap kitty.

Do you think you know their names?

If so, please DO NOT POST in the comments section, but email me at with your guess. One lucky winner will receive this I LOVE CATS prize pack from the ASPCA (earrings, water bottle, and super cool cat toy). Not only will these goodies make you smile, but we'll be helping shelter animals. A pretty great combo, I'd say.

One last hint: The author of these books has a new release on April 3rd.

I'll post the cover next week when I announced the prize pack winner! Good luck, kitty lovers!


Katreader said...

Oohh Oohh. I know this one. Love the series and the cats. My three cats (Seneca, Aleister, & Calumet) also approve, as do my other animals.

Lynda said...

This one was easy for me because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that series and can't wait for 4/3 to get the next one. Already pre-ordered for Kindle and will likely be finished by 4/4.

Lori Cimino said...

LOve this series too and already preordered a while ago.

Pam Stack said...

My 5 rescued kitties think your kitties sounds like fun. Mine are (and you'll note the names all have a meaning) are: Godiva, Cupcake, Butterscotch, Holly and Cookie.

Love those cats!

Liz said...

Love the series and am excited!!

Jax Marshall said...

i had to do a little research to fgure it out but it gave me a good excuuse to buy one of her books. love my nook. i don't have to leave the house.

Shirley said...

Love this series!