Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Wonder Why We Saved All This Stuff? Really?

by Leann

The purging continues at our house in anticipation of our retirement to South Carolina. My husband is working on the attic now and it is quite the eye opener to see all that stuff spread out upstairs. Since I am allergic to anything that comes out of the attic and I start wheezing the minute I open the attic door, he's pulling it out and I am donning a mask and going through the boxes and bags.

Most of it is in pretty terrible shape because it probably gets to about 140 degrees in the attic during our tropical summers here in south Texas. The amount of garbage is, to be honest, pathetic. Some of it could have been given away rather than stashed away to sit and rot up there. And thus we come to the title of this blog.

Since my husband has had to cart many many boxes and bags either to the curb or the Goodwill in the last few months, he finally asked the question I've been waiting for: "Why did we save all this stuff?" Oh, I was ready. "Why did we? Why, you ask? Because of you!" I said rather forcefully.

Every time I tried to throw things away over the years, he would protest. If I set out items I no longer used or were worn out for the garbage collectors, he would "rescue" them. Back inside they would come. I gave up the fight long ago. Why go through the frustration of making a decision only to have it overturned without appeal?

For once, after I said the words "Because of you," I got no argument. He has no defense. And now he's serving his "hard time" on work detail. :-) I didn't rub it in and say "It would have been so much easier if way back in 1979 ..." I didn't need to.

What about you? Any hoarder-esque types among your family or friends?
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