Saturday, February 18, 2012

Returned Mail: Are you getting our mailings?

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

In late January, I mailed out almost 3,000 postcards to readers, booksellers, and libraries for The Walled Flower.  Hey, it did some good!  It made the New York Times (extended) best sellers list, landing at the #25 sweet spot.  (That's ten spots higher than my Lorna Barrett name made on her first time on the list.)  Many of those who bought the book read this blog.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!

As you know, the Cozy Chicks has a sign-up form for our newsletter and snail mail list right on this page.  We share the addresses and merge them with our own lists so that those of us who send postcards can send to as many readers as possible.  (And thank you sooooo much for signing up!) 

BTW, we do not sell, rent, or give out the addresses on our lists. You will only get notices for the Cozy Chicks latest projects--either as a group, or from the Chicks individually.

Many of my readers have told me they LOVE getting the postcards.  Some have said I should save money and take them off the list because they get the newsletter, too.  Well, they do now.  But what happens if their email inbox is full and the email bounces?  The company that sends out the newsletters will NEVER send an email to that address ever again.  EVER AGAIN.  (It bore repeating.) Or, what if they change their email address and don't let us know about it?

Also, between 48-52% of the people on the email newsletter list open the newsletter.  That means nearly half the list never knows when we have new books, contests, and other news to share.  What happens to the newsletters?  They probably end up in SPAM folders.  Lots of people NEVER check their spam folders.  I check mine all the time.  Like, 20 times a day, because while I don't want those 10 Lands End promos that come every week to land in my regular inbox, I do want the yahoogroups digests I get (which always seem to go to Spam) and need to figure out why they go there.  (But who has time???  So I check Spam on an hourly basis.)

QUESTION:  Why do so many people sign up for our newsletters and when they actually GET one, they immediately Unsubscribe?  (Riddle me that, Batman!)

The following readers have fallen off our mailing lists. I got a LOT or returned postcards for The Walled Flower. Was your postcard one of them?  And if you want to return to the lists, we'd love to add you back in.

Aine L. R. in Reading, PA
Andrea F. in Independence, MO
Doris K. S in Kennewick, WA
Elysabeth E. in Honea Path, SC
Holly D. in Fort Campbell, KY
K.T. F. in Evanston, IL
Karen P. in Garland TX
Kay M. in Lubbock, TX
Kim B in Reading, PA
Konnie K in Garber, OK
Madge W. in Wilsonville, OR
Mary P. in Rochester, NY  (14609)
Patricia R. in Cincinnati, OH
Regan C. in Phoenix, AZ
Rob J. in Kentwood, MI
Robyn VDB in Tempe, AZ
Ruth Ann M. in Churchville, NY
Sharon B. in Denver, CO
Sheila C. in Dublin, VA
Shelby S. in Patton, PA
Stephanie H. in Marysville, OH
Tammy S. in Ingleside, TX

To let us know, write to us at: cozychicks @ (and don't forget to close up the spaces.)

Thank you!

Haven't signed up yet?  Hey, that sign-up box is in the left hand column.  Just scroll down a bit.


Lori Cimino said...

I absolutely love getting the postcards and bookmarks in the mail. I got the one for this book. I preordered it. Love anything you and the cozy chicks write.
Thank you for that little something extra....

BusyMom said...

I get them :)

Kuzlin said...

I got my post card! Thanks.

Erin said...

I got my postcard and I love getting them and bookmarks. Use them a lot. Thanks

Adrienne said...

Hi. I received and loved getting the Walled Flower post card (read it!) I've not received any bookmarks nor newsletters. I tried 'signing up' again but it says I'm already registered. I sure don't want to miss out on any fun stuff coming from the wonderful Cozy Chicks.
Any suggestions? (and thank you all for the great books you write!!)

Cozy Chicks said...

Adrienne, if you aren't receiving any of our newsletters (and I can't tell because we have three Adrienne's on our list(s)) then they're probably going into your spam filter. If you add our email address (as listed above) to you email address book, they'll start showing up in your regular email inbox. If you haven't received Lorna/Lorraine's newsletters, you'd need to put that email address in your address book. It is:

Shirley said...

I got the postcard, got the book and read it Valentine's Day, staying up late until I finished it. Love your books!!!

Adrienne said...

I still think it's so much fun getting a personal note from a best -selling author! That will never get old, believe me! I copied and pasted the two emails into my email address book as new contacts. Is that what will work?
Thanks for being so caring about all of your fans. I was just delighted
to get a post card from you and look forward to many more! Thanks, Lorna, Lorraine, LL!!!
Adrienne in Minnesota (does that help you know which one of the three I am?) :-)

Carol N Wong said...

I love your postcards. I have chair rail that goes aroung this room and they are all sitting on the chair rail, so lovely.


Sheri said...

I love getting the postcards and bookmarks. They help remind me to purchase the new book. Your website is awesome. I have shared it with many friends.

Aurian said...

I do get the cozy chicks newsletter sometimes. And I always love reading them. I subscribe to tons of those. I have never gotten a postcard, and would for sure love those! But, do you send those abroad as well?

Cozy Chicks said...

Aurian -- Lorraine/Lorna usually sends a letter out to those abroad when she has a new release. (It costs the same as a postcard--she figures, why not send a couple of bookmarks, too!) If you want to give us your address to be put on our lists, send it to cozychicks @ (close up the spaces!).

Anonymous said...

I love getting them in the mail, it brightens my day and I use them as bookmarks! Thanks again for a great series. I