Friday, February 3, 2012

The Love/Hate Relationship

By Heather Blake / Heather Webber

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Part of me loves having my cell phone, cable TV, Wi-fi...

Then there are times I long for simpler times. Thirteen TV channels. One land-line phone (that didn’t cost an arm and a leg). Atlases instead of GPSes.

I mean, really. When was the last time you saw a road atlas? When I was little, I thought they were the coolest things ever.

Recently, my daughter and I went to a play downtown. An hour, round-trip, tops. And we both forgot our cell phones at home. It was then that I realized how dependent I’d become on mine. Not just for communication or emergency calls. Oh no. But for a clock. A camera. Light in the dark theater.

And then a few days ago I turned on the computer, opened Skype, and was able to talk to my oldest son, face to face. He’s in the Army and currently stationed in Arizona, and I haven’t seen him in person for months. Technology allowed me to see his big smile, to hear his voice—and nothing made this mom happier that night.

Then the next night, I turned on the computer, opened Skype, and talked to son # 2, who's away at college. I was very happy to see his smile, too. It was a very good mom week.

So right now, I’m thinking my relationship with technology is leaning more toward love. But I still kind of wish atlases would make a comeback.

How do you feel about technology?
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