Thursday, February 2, 2012

Looking For Title Help! (You Could Win a Bucket of Brownies)

I like starting off a new book with a title in mind. Sometimes the title is completely changed by the time the powers-that-be get ahold of the manuscript, but I still like to write with a working title.

Here's the problem. I've started the next Supper Club book and this time, there won't be any powers-that-be because this installment is going straight to the market as an ebook. That's good news for fans of the Flab Five because you don't have to wait 9 months after the book is done to read it.

But the title! I saved the first chapter using the title Weapons and Weigh Ins, but I'm not in love with that title. As many of you know, the Supper Club books are about food and murder, so I try to combine food items with a synonym for corpse, but I think I've used all of them.

So I need help! James and the Flab Five are going to spend 12 weeks on a Biggest Loser-type show. This one's called Big, Fat Lies and of course, a few of the contestants will be bumped off. The gang will be doing lots of calorie counting and I'd love to use calories, but Killer Calories has been used by multiple mystery authors.

Friends, I've seen you come up with some killer titles before and I hope you can help me. And the person who comes up with the best title will win a bucket of brownies (see pic) and my gratitude!

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