Monday, February 27, 2012

GUEST POST---Creative Knitted Craft Ideas

I have been fortunate to meet Carrie Cox, a gifted knitted and crafter around the Lambspun knitting table here in Fort Collins, Colorado. I'll let Carrie introduce herself in her own words, then share some of her ideas and her photos. ---Maggie Sefton

Carrie Cox is a wife, mother, daughter and sister. She cherishes the daily shuttling of her tween girls to and from school and activities as it allows her to be a confidant to their cares and concerns and provides ample time to knit, her favorite form of self-expression. She also enjoys dogs, cats, nature, and of course reading.

Holidays provide obvious subject matter when crafting. I am currently on a holiday jag with my latest knitting interest. At Christmas I chose to knit gift ornaments of the classic round shape. I found a basic pattern to work with and created these cozy sweater-clad spheres.

I purchased some yummy, cranberry red yarn to create more and ran out of time, but not in time for Valentines Day! So I created lovely ones to be displayed in a bowl on a coffee or sofa table. But, now we are on to Easter. Naturally I thought of knitting some cute little decorations to put on an Easter egg tree. A while back I made a tree by bending wire into elegantly curved branches, wrapping the cluster of wires that formed the trunk and branches with florist tape, and incorporating ribbon roses. Originally I purchased ornaments, but I've always thought I needed something homemade to grace the branches. Enter: “Easter Tree Knitted Eggs”

Hope you enjoy making these eye-catching eggs. All your friends will faun over them I promise.

I have really become a sock yarn lover. What do you use sock yarn for besides socks?

Easter Tree Knitted Eggs
by Carrie Cox

These cute eggs are knitted in the round from the bottom up. The knitted shell is stuffed with a Styrofoam egg. The remaining stitches are then continued in the round to finish and close the top.

Supplies: 4 double point size “0” needles or whatever is needed to get gauge, sock yarn scrap, 1 stitch marker, 1 Styrofoam egg (1 1/2” tall, 3 1/2” circumference at widest point; the ones I purchased were already slightly decorated and had ribbons for hanging). 1 three inch piece of 1/8” wide ribbon

Gauge: 6-7st/in (the fabric is stretched around the egg-shaped insert)

Cast on 6 stitches and divide evenly on three needles, connect the round
Place stitch marker in last stitch
Row 1 Knit and all odd numbered rows
Row 2 *K1, K1 f&b repeat from * to end of round (9 sts)
Row 4 *K2, K1 f&b repeat from * to end of round (12 sts)
Row 6 *K3, K1 f&b repeat from * to end of round (15 sts)
Row 8 *K4, K1 f&b repeat from * to end of round (18 sts)
Row 10 *K5, K1 f&b repeat from * to end of round (21 sts)
Row 12 *K6, K1 f&b repeat from * to end of round (24 sts)
Row 14 *K7, K1 f&b repeat from * to end of round (27 sts)
Row 15-19 Knit
Row 20 *K7, K2tog repeat from * to end of round (24 sts)
Turn inside out and weave in end at bottom of egg
Insert Styrofoam egg making sure to snug it all the way into the bottom of the knitted shell
Row 22 *K2, K2tog repeat from * to end of round (18 sts)
Row 24 *K1, K2tog repeat from * to end of round (12 sts)
Poke the ends of a three inch piece of 1/8” ribbon into the Styrofoam to make a loop
Cut yarn leaving 6 inch tail, thread through remaining stitches and trim


Leann Sweeney said...

Oh, this is all so wonderful. And thanks for the pattern. What a bonus! Thank you!!

Mare F said...

Very cute. I admire your holiday knitting. Thank you for the pattern, I might just have an egg tree this year. I still have time...

GG said...

I would love to have the pattern for the round Christmas ornaments. Could you please share the pattern with me? I am a 69 yr. old retired special ed. teacher who now knits for charity.

Gayle Gilmer

Kristin A. said...

Welcome, Carrie. What beautiful ornaments.

Maggie Sefton said...

Thank you, everyone. I'll forward these comments to Carrie.

GG---email me at and I'll ask Carrie if she has a pattern for the round ones. Then I'll email you with her reply.

Aurian said...

I am not a knitter or creative person, but it sure looks like fun, to invent your own decorations.