Sunday, January 22, 2012

When Prescriptions Attack!

by Leann

After three weeks of every miserable respiratory symptom you can think of, I am finally getting better. Both my husband and I were down with this bug--yet "bug" seems too small a word. We were both pretty darn sick, so ill my husband missed a week of work. Since I have asthma, I developed bronchitis almost immediately and the doctor threw everything in the book at the illness. I had an antibiotic shot, a cortisone shot, antibiotic pills and prednisone. After a few days I could breathe without needing my inhaler every fifteen minutes.

But I knew the aftermath was coming. I always get depressed after I have a course of prednisone and boy did it hit me Saturday. But I have found a new side effect: stupidity. Since I was crying for no reason and feeling very sorry for myself, I decided to make a batch of cookies. The smell coming from the oven always seems to cheer me up. So, what did I do? I grabbed the hot cookie sheet without a pot holder!! Okay, add burned and blistered fingers to the list of maladies. The joy of cooking became the agony of baking. Add to that, more crying over nothing. At least I tried to cheer myself up!

I decided this day was a wash. Before I did anything else in the imbecile department, I chose to sit down (with my delicious cookies) and watch college basketball. It won't upset me and I can't injure myself, right?

How about you? Are there any medicines you absolutely must have or anything you must do--and yet you know there will be unpleasant consequences down the road?
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