Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Very Happy New Year to Us All!

by Maggie Sefton

I hope all of you had a wonderfu, fun, exciting, and/or peaceful and quiet New Year's Eve. We had sunny skies for New Year's Day and temps in the 50s here in Colorado, which was perfect. It was also great for football fans, because the Denver Broncos were playing at home Sunday afternoon. (Don't worry, I won't lapse into a football rant).

My Christmas holiday visit with three of my four girls in Texas was wonderful. We had cloudy weather and rain, but that was all right. Everything's okay when you're having a good time. We ate entirely too much rich food and desserts, so it was back on the Straight and Narrow (as I call it) once I returned home on December 27th.

Since then, I've been getting organized for the new year. . .or trying to. I did bills, wrote checks, and went over writing income. . .so I could send in the 4th Quarter Estimated Income Tax Payment. For those of us who are self-employed and operating our own businesses, we don't receive W-2s from an "outside" employer. And we don't have taxes taken out of our royalty income when it arrives twice yearly from publishers. Oh, no. We have to send Uncle Sam quarterly income tax payments. I know, I know. . .no one wants to think about taxes right now, so I won't mention it again. Not until April 15th, that is. :)

January is always a great time for me to begin new projects and take new directions in my life. I've done it for years. There's a special "energy" to January, and I have always tapped into it by taking stock. . .and often, taking a new direction. Sometimes in my writing, sometimes in Life, itself. This year, I'm getting my first published mystery novel, DYING TO SELL, readied for submission as an ebook. Next month, I hope to have readied my earlier published historical western romance, ABILENE GAMBLE. I'll keep all of you posted on the progress of each one.

Meanwhile. . .what new projects or directions/paths/projects have you started or are thinking of starting for 2012? Tell us!
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