Friday, January 6, 2012


by Heather Webber / Heather Blake 

My husband always jokes that people never seem impressed with his job, yet whenever he mentions what I do, they perk up and ask tons of questions.

It’s an interesting profession, writing.

Yet, it’s often a lonely profession. A writer, a computer. Hours on end of blocking out real people so we can focus on imaginary ones.

But there are times when writers emerge from their fake worlds to interact in the real one. To interact with real people. Other authors, readers. Facebook is great for this. So is this blog and other writers’ blogs. Twitter.

A strange thing happens with all that interaction, though. People who are strangers slowly become friends.

And the writing profession isn’t nearly as lonely as it used to be. Not when talking to friends is just a click away.

Lots of friends.

I didn’t know quite how many until this week, with the launch of my new series with It Takes a Witch (also the launch of my new pen name, Heather Blake).

To say I’m humbled by all the posts, emails, tweets, an understatement. I’m beyond humbled. Beyond grateful for all the support. So grateful that I feel like I’ve said “thank you” a thousand times this week—if not more—yet it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Sometimes, even a writer is at a loss for words.

THANK YOU, everyone. Truly. A friend of mine often says, “Feel the love.” I’m feeling the love. I hope you’re feeling it, too.

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