Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Did My Kitten Become the Boss?

by LeannLink

My dog Rosie, a very bright labradoodle, lives on a schedule. She knows when every treat is due, what time to go to her bed in the utility room and even what time I take my meds. If I forget, she is there sitting at my feet and staring up at me. She even brings my husband his shoes when it's time for a walk. Who knew I'd get another pet with a schedule?

Wexford, my 9 month old rather large kitten, isn't so big on regular meals, but if I am out, when I come home he is there to greet me and expec
ts--yes, you guessed it--a treat. He also gets on top of his scratching post when it gets dark so he can reach the light switch. He can't turn the lights on yet, but I figure it won't be long.

But he has started becoming a little more than demanding about one thing: bed time. I usually head for the sack some
where around 10 PM. Of late, Wexford has decided he needs to persuade me to get there on time, if not early. First, he worms his way between me and my laptop and sprawls out. I pet him, but don't get up. So his latest trick is to get up on the table next to me and swipe of any items near me. The tissue box. My inhaler. Any book I have put down. Pens. Pencils. Snacks. The TV remote. It's all fair game until I get up and give him what he wants. A race to the bedroom.

As I go through the routine--put on PJs, brush teeth, get the glass of water, put in the night guard, turn on the MP3 player--he watches each step intently. And then what does he do once I am in bed with the lights off? He leaves to do whatever cats do in the dark. But when I wake up later like the good insomniac I am, he's there beside me or above me. Never below. He is the boss of me, after all.

How about you? Are your pets as dedicated to routine as mine are?

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