Friday, January 20, 2012

The First-Ever Cozy Chick Pet of the Month!

Welcome to Kaye Barley - bibliophile, animal lover, and blog hostess to many a mystery writer. You can read more about her (and her dog Harley) at Meanderings and Musings. Today, she'll tell us how she met Harley, her beloved Corgi. The Chicks will send a donation to the ASPCA in Harley's name. Post a comment and we'll add your pet's name to our donation!

Donald and I went to the Humane Society in Atlanta the day we came home from our honeymoon to get a kitty. This was to help us during our grieving process for our beloved black kitty Pyewacket whom we had recently lost. We came home with two kitties. Litter mates as different as night and day, but totally devoted to one another. George was with us for 15 years, Martha for 18.

When we lost these sweeties, we didn't think we could ever bring ourselves to go through the heartache of losing another pet. But, it turned out harder than we imagined to come home to a house without a loving furbaby waiting for us after working all day. As soon as we met Harley, our hearts were his. This is a picture of him the day we brought him home from a Corgi breeder who had been recommended. Who could resist this adorable furball with big ears?!
My love for animals extends somewhat into my reading.

When I first discovered Ellery's Books by the Bay series, I was immediately hooked. One of the most appealing aspects of this series is the bond between Olivia Limoges and her companion, Captain Haviland, a standard poodle of above-average intelligence. This relationship is so realistically written, and so poignant without being forced or over-done that it always manages to touch my soul.

My thanks to the Cozy Chicks for inviting me by - I think you all just rock andI'm tickled to be here!

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