Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can you say VACATION?

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

Around about January, people start dreaming of a warm vacation.  I'm usually not one of them.  For the most part, I'm pretty happy living here in Western New York.

Of course, my favorite place to vacation is England.  Since I no longer fly, that makes the UK as a destination rater a difficult place to go.

So I'm stuck in the Northern Hemisphere.  Where would I like to go?  (And preferably in warm weather -- because while I fear crashing in a plane, I also fear crashing in a car -- and have done so in winter.  NEVER AGAIN!)

How about Mackinack Island in Michigan?  Ever since I saw the film Somewhere in Time, I've wanted to go to the Grand Hotel.  Sadly, one-night's stay is far above my budget, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Biltmore, in Ashville, NC.  Nuff said.

Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum.  Okay, truth be told, I've already been there, but I remember the museum far better than I do Greenfield Village. I must've missed the Cottswold Cottage, but then we may have only spent a morning there, and you need far more than that.

What are you vacation plans for this summer?


Mare said...

Camping in a tent at Lake George. LOL. Someday we'll have the right vacation budget. You've picked some winners.

BusyMom said...

For me, I would like to go anywhere that is not Jersey. I have not left this state since 1987 ... and that WAS my vacation.

Ellery Adams said...

Oh, Shawn, you've got to get out! I'm planning on taking the trolls to NYC this summer. We'd better swing by and pick you up!

Dru said...

I just realized that the three trips I'm taking are in the Spring and Fall.

I'll have to find somewhere to go in the summer, even if it's a one-day trip to D.C.

Barbara said...

I'd go to England or Scotland any old time. Would also love to return to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, the Caribbean, oh heck - anywhere!

ev said...

Taking the RV up to Lake George! LOL Mare. We spend a lot of time up there. I love it!

Nanc said...

Thanks for picking two spots here in MI. We are a wonderful state to visit and vacations are wonderful here!!!

Aurian said...

There is an author convention in Berlin, Germany for the first time this year. And living in Holland, that is not far away. So, me and my best friend and some blogging friends are going. Looking forward to it very much, especially as some of my favourite authors are coming (as well as some totally unknown German ones). Luckily, my friend is good in German. I have forgotten most of it since highschool.

Brittney said...

Mackinack Island is beautiful. You should really look at going sometime. They have some other wonderful hotels that are cheaper and you can still do some tours of the Grand Hotel. We went there for my brother-in-laws wedding and it was so beautiful. We biked around the whole island!