Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

Lots of people are on diets after the holidays, and I'm no exception.  I've tried every one of them, too, and the only one I was really successful on was Weight Watchers.  The only problem is, you have to keep a food diary, and I really don't have that kind of time right now. 

But I'm not completely doomed to never losing weight.  Another tried and true that as worked for me is lettuce for lunch.  I eat a really big salad (from the generic iceberg bag from Wegmans -- a 99 cent special) and I'm pretty much set to go.  So far in the past year I've lost 25 pounds on this method.  I went off of it for the summer, but now I'm back at it.  I hope to lose another 15-20 pounds, and if I'm good I know I can do it.

I find myself reading all the AOL diet success stories.  This person lost 100 pounds by cutting out soda and french fries.  Another lost 150 pounds by doing that AND giving up something else.  Ya know, I don't drink soda.  (I mostly drink water and fat-free milk.)  I hardly ever eat fast food.  I don't eat bags of chips or cookies, either.  (I try to keep that kind of stuff out of the house because if it's there, it'll get eaten.)  I guess my problem is portion control.  I've been working on that, too.  But it takes a l-o-n-g time for me to lose weight.  I've been wrestling with the same 3-4 pounds for months now. (They're on, they're off.  They're on, they're off.)  But I'm determined.  I've even starting seriously exercising. (Although all I seem to be doing is adding muscle weight.)

So I'm really fascinated by author Joe Konrath going on an all-beer diet.  Yup.  If Trappist monks can do it, why can't he, he figures.  (They give up food for lent and subsist entirely on beer for the entire 40 days.)  He's got all basis covered heath wise.  And guess what?  He's making a documentary and then he'll write a book.  (And probably make a fortune.)  You can read all about his diet here.

Have you ever gone on a crazy diet before?


Aurian said...

Nope, I don't do dieting. It makes me cranky, and life is too short to give up everything I like to eat. I am how I am, and I am fine with that. That bear diet, how is that possible? You can't drive, will he be drunk every day?

Joyce Tremel said...

Lorraine, have you tried South Beach? I lost 15 pounds last year and kept off all but 3. I'm on it again now.

The first two weeks, it's basically just lean protein and vegetables--no limits. After that, you can add back in whole grains and fruit.

As much as I love beer, I don't think I could drink it all day long.

Unknown said...

I've tried South Beach AND Atkins and lost NOTHING and gotten extremely irritable while doing both. Never again. Weight Watchers is the best for me, and I'm pretty much doing it except for the food diary and counting points. I know what I should and shouldn't eat. They say losing it slowly is the best way ... and 25 pounds in a year is pretty slow, so I guess I'm doing it the right way.

Dru said...

I've tried several diet fads and programs and WW worked the best when I did it alone. When I was on LA Weight Loss program, that I did with a friend and I lost the most weight.

Now I'm doing WW with some friends and it's helping to lose the weight ever so slowly.

I've added a 30-minute gym workout and watching what I eat and I hoping all of this leads to a positive weight loss experience.

Barbara said...

I've given up sweets and lost 30 pounds in 1 1/2 years, but then I just can't stick to it anymore. I'm not good with going out to exercise either, but last month we got a good exercise bike and I'm riding that almost every day. So far, no weight loss but my knees are improved and I'm less exhausted after a workout.

Nancy said...

WW worked for me - three times. Gaining back all the weight plus some happened, too. Big sigh, here. I have lately lost 12 pounds (a drop in the bucket) and it took me a year, at least. I'm looking at the cabbage soup diet now. Haha, not really, but soup does figure into my own plan. It's filling, nutritious and low calorie. You're right, Weight Watchers does work. Just have to get in the groove.

Anonymous said...

I lost 30 pounds on WW in 6 months last year. What really helped was I rode my bicycle almost every day (I retired in 2010), rode 1000 miles in 8 months.


Unknown said...

Low carb diets work, but are hard to stay with. I work all night and it's hard to develop a good eating pattern. I hate salads, but I tried using the hard parmesan cheese you can buy and added real bacon bits (not bacos) and warmed up the bacon bits for ten seconds in the microwave. I used bacon ranch dressing and it's so yummy that I think I can stick to eating that at work.

Paula Miller said...

I lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks right before Christmas. I simply counted calories with the Jillian Michael's online program, and I exercised as much as I could. I used the elliptical some, pilates. But my favorite exercise is just dancing and singing in a crazy fashion behind the locked door of my favorite room in the house, my bathroom :) I had drastically cut my calories just so I could get into a dress I had bought. I did :) I have kept all but 2 of those pounds off. Now I am just trying to eat reasonably. Sodas are my hard spot....I'm just trying to drink more water and move, move, move. Whether it is a real "exercise" or just cleaning my house. I think eating reasonably and moving are important for me. Happy weight loss in 2012 to you all :D

J.J. Murphy said...

I'm waaay ahead of JA Konrath -- I've been on the all-beer diet for years, and it's so easy! Of course, "man cannot live by beer alone," so I add cheeseburgers for protein, doughnuts for energy, and ice cream for calcium. You have to eat a balanced diet, you know!

Vickie said...

I love Joe's books and have been following his diet. He's being smart about it, following a doctor's advice, etc.

I know how I am going about my journey. I am on Weight Watchers, too. I journal my food. I do fine with my food's my activity that has needed the boost. That started up in October and I have seen progress even over the holidays.
It's going to take a while, I know. I'm ready.

I won't give anything up, just watch my portion size. If I give something up or restrict it too stringently, I'll cave. I know me. That's the first step.

Crazy diet? I did lettuce and Lifesavers once in college to make weight before joining the Air Force. *gah* No fun, but I did lose about 15 lbs in two weeks. Made weigh in and then some.