Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Do They Do That?

by Leann

The inside painting is done and after two weeks, the mess of having furniture moved all over the place and having to sleep in three different spots during the last week is making me a little nuts. But since we planned to have carpet installed now that the painting is done, why move furniture until afterward, right?

So after searching online for reviews of those carpet places that tell you "buy it today, we'll install it tomorrow" I read comments from a lot of very dissatisfied customers. In fact, there was hardly any carpet company that really made happy customers. But one home improvement store seemed to have fewer complaints than others. I went to the one nearby, found very nice carpet and they even advertised "special-order carpet in 7-10 days." I had plenty of time to get it installed before Christmas--when my family arrives. Plenty of time. Sure.

But no. After I paid in full, I get a call from a totally separate department at this very famous chain store home improvement center telling me my carpet would arrive AT THE WAREHOUSE on December 21. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I complained that the sales people assured me this carpet would be installed before Christmas, that I had "plenty of time." I then received a lecture from this person on the phone saying that if I wanted carpet installed before Christmas, I should have ordered it by Thanksgiving. Um, tell that to the painters, lady. After much haggling, my carpet installation is "penciled in" for December 22 and 23. NO GUARANTEES.

Meanwhile, because we believed the sales people at unnamed chain home improvement store (big mistake), we had the painters cut away carpet so they could paint the baseboards. I now have exposed carpet nails all over my house. Two toddlers will be here for Christmas and if that carpet isn't installed, what do I do? Plus, there can be no decorating until the last minute. The good news is, my family is coming no matter what. We will have a wonderful time. But why do they (the salespeople) do that? Lie? I guess I know the answer, but it is disappointing. If anyone has any ideas what to do about these exposed carpet nails if we must take care of them at the last minute, I'd love any and all suggestions. Oh -- and when you have carpet re-installation, do they replace those wood slats that hold the carpet nails? My husband swears they don't. I'd sure like to know for certain, because I might have to take a hammer to them!
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