Monday, December 12, 2011

Stamp Out the Blog Blahs

 By Kate Collins

So many Blogs. So many bloggers. And way too many boring blog topics, I’d bet. We Cozy Chicks don’t want to be guilty of causing any blog boredom, so help us take action to Stamp Out the Blog Blahs right here, right now. Are you with me?

What makes you keep coming back to a particular blogsite (hint: Cozy Chicks) to read more?

Does the title attract you? Or conversely, keep you from clicking on the link?

Do certain subjects pique your interest, such as:
TV/movie discussions
About our (The Cozy Chicks) books/characters
About our personal lives/joys/woes
Motivational subjects
About our backgrounds – what we did before we became writers, or our childhoods.
Shopping/clothing/make up
Tech/computer/digital reader discussions
Health/diet/exercise (which those of us who sit at computers all day need desperately)
Travel tips

And with that, I’m officially out of ideas. Please share your thoughts with me. Mama Kate wants to know.
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