Friday, December 16, 2011

Searching High and Low

By Heather Webber / Heather Blake

How many of you have searched high and low for just the right holiday gift? Whether it was a Cabbage Patch kid years and years ago or a Wii more recently, there are just some presents that are impossible to find.

I've had my own searches lately. One, a blue cotton blanket. This is mostly my own fault, if I’d realized how hard it would be to find locally, I would have ordered it online. BUT, I thought a blue cotton blanket could be found just about anywhere. Wrong. Oh, there are plenty of white cotton or beige cotton...but blue? Not so much. And the senior citizen my critique group adopted for Christmas wanted blue, so the hunt was on.

The next search came when my daughter casually mentioned that she’d like the first three Star Wars movies (technically #4, 5, 6) on DVD (we have them on VHS tapes). I didn’t think that would be so hard. WRONG. It was nearly impossible. I checked lots of stores before figuring out that these disks are the equivalent of being out of print. Online shops wanted $179 and up for “new” disks of these “collector’s items.” I want to know what I ever did to George Lucas to deserve this punishment. Well, I HAVE to get these disks for Baby Girl (she doesn’t ask for much), so I did what any sensible mom would do. I went to EBay. Where “new” disks were selling for upwards of $200. I want to know what I ever did to EBay to deserve this punishment.

The blue blanket I finally found at Kohl’s (thankfully!!!)—and just a mere 24 hours before it was due to be turned in. And the good karma kept coming when I stumbled on an EBay post a half-hour old. Three disks, never opened. And it had a “buy now” button. $89. SOLD. I don’t think I ever clicked so fast in my life.

(Really hoping Baby Girl isn’t reading this post.)

Have you had an impossible search lately?
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