Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas Tree

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

It's that time of year again. Boy, it sure does come around fast these days. The gift buying, cookie making, snow- dusted time of year.

I love seeing what others are doing with their Christmas trees. Here are a few of my favorites so far, both spotted by moi on Facebook, which is my favorite place to hang out.

A rosemary tree by pal and cozy author Wendy Watson. Wish mine was that large. I managed to grow one tall enough and strong enough for a few small ornaments, but after a few seasons, it passed away.

I bet Wendy had fun shaping her tree and cooking with the sheared off boughs.

This one has been circulating around the internet, not sure who created this winner though. (BTW, clicking on the photos should enlarge them for a richer experience.)

An entire tree crafted from books! What style!

Then there is mine. Here's the story:

My family owns a Christmas tree farm in the Michigan Upper Peninsula (just like my protagonist Gertie Johnson). Every year our good friend and tree caregiver cuts a special tree for me. Each year I let him know that we have eight-foot ceilings. Every year he brings me a really full, really tall tree.

My husband and I looked at this year's tree and wondered what to do.
"How are we going to get it through the door?" Mr. Deb asked.
"We could cut it in half," I suggested, actually meaning it.
After serious debate, we took a 'stand', decided a new tradition was in order. 

Tada....Falalalala...Hubby got blue & white LED lights, so we need sunglasses to view it at night.

Then he found shatterproof ornaments, which I didn't even know existed and will come in handy when young children are around the tree. Not to mention our cat.

Tada...the really neat thing about our outdoor tree is that we can admire it from the living room, or the entry way, in our bedroom and down the hall. Every window facing the tree is alive with brilliance. And the windows not facing the tree? Still illuminated with reflections.

I plan to add some treats for the birds and leave it up.

Have you spotted a Christmas tree that really stands out? If it's online, share the link with us. Tell us about your tree too.


Heather said...

I bet your tree looks spectacular viewed from afar, and I love the idea of a book tree. I have not yet posted a pic of my little tree this year (it's in the queue for next week), but I did post a pic of the Wisconsin State Capitol Tree today.

Deb said...

Heather, that's magnificent! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a weird holiday season (and not much of it is good). My Christmas tree has been up for 8 days now and I'm STILL trying to squeeze in time to decorate it. (I have three more boxes of ornaments to go.) But when it's done it will be beautiful. (It's 7.5' tall.)

Luckily, my current batch of cats don't show any interest in it. Once upon a time I had cats who attacked or pulled the tree down at least once a day. That wasn't fun. For years we used heavy gauge wire attached to bolts in the window frame to keep it standing upright, and the bottom half of the tree was kept bare, which looked odd. Glad those days are over . . . but we kept the bolts in the window frame ... just in case we get a kitten at some point in the future.

Publius said...

Dang, Deb ... I bet you can see that tree from space! I love it!

Aurian said...

What a great idea, just to leave it outside! And I do love that tree made of books.
My own tree is decorated with little white/yellow lights, silver unbreakable bals and silver garlands. Not too much, just lovely to watch.

Maggie Sefton said...

I love your tree, Deb. What a great idea! I bet it's gorgeous to look at, especially at night. We'll be decorating (adding more) to Serena's tree in Texas. Maria, Melissa, and I joining her. Enjoy Deb & Jim!

ev said...

I've been bad. My tree isn't up and probably won't be at this point. I have 3 or 4 small fiber optic ones that will most likely be put in different rooms. I have had construction going on which was just finished -5 minutes ago- for the holidays anyway.Now I have to put it all back together.

We did the tree outside one year in an apt where we had a balcony. Three cats (2 of them kittens) and we couldn't keep it up that year. But it was great out there and the birds loved it!

I'm afraid either my dogs or cats would destroy a book tree but I love it!

The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

Those trees are gorgeous!

I found a beautiful purple tree this year and was all set to light up my living room with a purple tree, but my husband got all traditional on me so we just have a plain but beautiful decorated green tree!

Here's another example of the book christmas tree I really want to try that one with my cozies!

Heather Blake Webber said...

Love your tree, Deb! Mine's up, but doesn't have ornaments on (waiting for kids to be home at the same time).

I have to LOL every time I see the book tree--all I can think about is FIRE HAZARD! But it is cute. :)

Dru said...

Love your tree. My tree is small and cute.

I still haven't seen The Rockefeller Christmas tree. Need to check it out.

karmstr112 said...

I LOVE the book tree. I'm going to pass the picture on to our library for next year's celebration.