Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movies and Christmas. What to See?

by Leann

First of all, an update: My carpet WILL be installed by Christmas, or so I am told. Thursday and Friday. Yay for that!

I have turned my attention to the movie releases because we will have family here and that's sort of a tradition. Go to the movies the day after Christmas. But I am concerned because we will also have two young ones visiting. I don't think The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is something my son and daughter-in-law will want their girls seeing! (But it is on my list!) Sherlock Holmes might be okay, but I doubt it will hold the baby's attention and the oldest will probably get bored, too. I know I would at her age.

This topic reminds me of all the movies I saw when I was a kid--because we had a movie theater within walking distance of our house. It was always a double feature and you could stay all day if you wanted for the price of one ticket. The Blob scared me to death, as did a few others. I was little then--between 5 and 7 years old. I always went with my older brother--but he wasn't that much older. He, however, LOVED The Blob. One movie really had my complete attention though, maybe because I was scared, but in a way I'd never been scared before. The movie? The Bad Seed. Little did I know psychological suspense would become one of my favorite genres. But, though sitting through The Blob all day seemed fine with my mother, to my complete surprise, she and the usher came with a flashlight, found me and she dragged me home. My brother got to stay. I think this was the first time I felt true embarrassment. I mean, everyone was watching because I was being a tad stubborn about leaving.

So, no scary movies. My question for all of you is, what movies are out now that the whole family might enjoy? Because I don't know. Or should we make popcorn, stay at home and watch something On Demand? Which sounds like a nice option. I will make my husband go with me to see Dragon Tattoo one day, though. One of my favorite books ever cannot be missed--and yes, I know not everyone liked it. Guess it's the "bad seed" in me that wants to see a woman kick butt mostly using her brain!
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