Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm Dreaming of Hot Chocolate and Organization...

By Heather Blake / Heather Webber

My wish for myself in 2012 is to become more organized! Practical, yes, and really, really needed. If anyone has some tips, I'm listening. :)

As for a recipe to is a hot chocolate recipe that can be found in my newest ebook, Trouble Under the Tree (ANina Quinn Mystery). Stir with a leftover candy cane for an extra sweet treat.

Celeste Madeline Chambeau Quinn’s Hot Chocolate

2 cups whole milk
1 tsp. white sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped
Pinch of salt

Heat milk in a pot, stirring frequently with a whisk. When steam starts to rise from the pot, whisk in sugar and vanilla. Slowly whisk in chocolate until it’s fully melted then add the pinch of salt. Heat for five minutes on low, stirring frequently so milk doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Serves two. Top with a dollop of whipped cream, marshmallows, or chocolate shavings.

(Nina uses semi-sweet chocolate chips as a shortcut.)

Wishing everyone a very happy (organized) New Year!


Dru said...

Happy New Year! May 2012 be a successful year.

Heather Blake Webber said...

Happy New Year, Dru!!!

Paula Miller said...

I understand, one of my dreams for 2012 is to set up the perfect office space for myself. I hope your coming year is wonderful!

Barbara said...

Ooooh that sounds heavenly! I think I must try the recipe.

I hope you'll have a very happy new year and that you'll succeed in your wish for 2012.

Breaunna Miller said...

That recipe sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing! I'm reading the latest Nina book right now & love it. Happy New Year to you and may you have much success in all you do.

Heather Blake Webber said...

Paula, that's a great plan. I love my (cluttered) office.

Barbara, the cocoa is easy--and tasty. Happy New Year to you, too!

Oh, Breaunna, that makes me so happy! So glad you're enjoying the book. Happy New Year to you!

Barb Goffman said...

From one organized person to another seeking more organization, if you register for Malice Domestic before midnight tomorrow, you'll save money and be able to check registration off your to-do list. Are you able to come? Your fans would love to see you.

Heather Blake Webber said...

LOL, Barb. I'm working on my bio right now. Will be registering before the new year. :)

Linda McDonald said...

Happy New Year Heather! Love the hot chocolate recipe. I will need to make it. We are fans of hot chocolate in our household.