Wednesday, December 21, 2011

If Men Ran Christmas

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

I just read a fun article titled Christmas: What Would Happen If Men Ran It?

Women don’t have to be told that we still do most of the holiday planning, shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping, tree trimming…but what would be different if men handled everything?

According to this survey, they would:
  • Do away with sending cards
  • Ditch the turkey in favor of steak or carry-out
  • Have those gifts wrapped at the store
  • Make the kids help out more
  • Refuse to visit the in-laws
One place the sexes didn’t differ? Family is top priority!

I bet homemade cookies would go the way of the dinosaur.

What else would change?


Nancy said...

They'd do away with gift giving all together. One strand of lights on the tree outside the door would be enough. The family celebration would last two hours then it'd be time to go back to watching tv.

Liz said...

Going to football games would replace going to church.

The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

My husband is fond of turkey at christmas, but I can imagine he'd get rid of all the vegetables. It would be turkey, steak and sausages!!

I'm pretty sure he would make sure we didn't visit in-laws either. He's been a big advocate of just staying home this christmas and no visiting!

Anonymous said...

My husband would be sure that I wrapped his gift(s) to me, he used to get our daughter to do his wrapping when she was still at home. He really doesn't mind what I fix for dinner so no realy changes there. He would not allow anyone to change from A Christmas Story until the last showing of it is over.

Mare F said...

It would become one of the best comedy events of the year. There would still be cooking, but it would be on grill or roaster. There would be no lights outside, and the tree would have lights only (after he put the three pieces of tree together and plugged it in), and it would involved lots of friends and holiday cheer.

Author Peg Herring said...

There definitely wouldn't be much caroling at my house if John ran Christmas, but that would be a good thing. I've heard him sing!

Laineshots said...

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer would replace White Christmas on the sound system. All presents would be bought at Home Depot, Lowe's, or Cabela's. Supermarket bakeries would prosper!

Deb said...

Haha! Thanks for all the chuckles. Keep them coming!

Lynn in Texas said...

Perish the thought, but so true--we are the civilizing sex.

Just as one of my brothers, dh's not fond of turkey, so we haven't had that in many years anyway. He might throw a ham steak in the pan, doctored up with maple syrup, along with new potatoes and green beans.

Being the tightwad he's become lately, esp. in this "economic downturn", he *might* even bribe me to make his fave cookies and cheese rounds. And he shops at the last minute, usually, although he used to find lovely, thoughtful gifts for me no matter when they were bought. He would maybe say just get what I want, and I would, too! (well, uh, already do!)

OR, he could maybe forgo his flannel drawstring pants and t-shirt and get dressed to go have dinner & watch football with our local BFF's. She's a great country cook!

Fun post, Deb! And no disrespect meant to my dh! (But, really....)

Anonymous said...

You need to read "On Strike for Christmas". It is hilarious and sad at the same time! It was a great book and could see my family in some of those scenarios.
Left up to my husband it would be just another day with nothing special being done at all.

Rosemary Harris said...

No presents under the tree, just gift cards. Or if my husband was in charge, everyone would get the same present - like the year he bought fourteen copies of Love, Actually. At least it was a good movie!

Brittney said...

My hubby loves Christmas but many things would still change. He would have Christmas music on all year round. Everyone would come here if they wanted to see us because he hates driving in snow. Instead of our like 5 Christmases with all the families there would be one. The lights would still go up and so would the tree. But no way on earth would one Christmas card go out. It's his least favorite thing!!

Aurian said...

Over the weeks, I have read many comments on many blogs, about having to visit the inlaws for years and years, where the men get drunk and do nothing, and the women have to cope with everything. So I am lucky I don't have inlaws to visit. I find visiting my own family a chore already.

I am the one buying the christmas cards, writing them on behalf of the both of us, sending them in the mail. I am the one thinking what presents to buy, what to eat, what things to do. So basically, I have to think of everything, and do everything myself as well. My boyfriend finds everything fine, but he does not contribute anything. Well, he goes grocery shopping with me, but that is it.

I love Christmas music, he doesn't but though love for him, he knew that before we started living together ;)

If it were up to my boyfriend: no tree, no cards, ordinairy simple meals and no gifts as he cannot think of anything.

So, thank goddess for women;)

ev said...

The entire family would be here, the outside would be decorated even more than I do it, we would actually have the tree up this year (I just wasn't feeling the big tree)and the house would be a disaster. No turkey, we always do Roast Beast anyway.

Neither of us has done cards. I figure I have until New Years to get them out.