Monday, December 5, 2011

The Goliath Named Comcast

by Kate Collins

Think back to all those childhood fairy tales that had giants in them. Were the giants ever good guys?

“Hello, Comcast? I have a question about my statement, namely, why isn’t it being sent to my home address. See, it used to go to my husband’s office, but I had to switch it a few months back, and obviously someone on your end didn’t change it in the system. Can you help me? You can? You’ve taken care of it already? How easy was that! Thank you, have a great day.”

Just kidding. Only thing real about that conversation is the problem.

For the first time ever, I got a collection notice! Apparently I wasn’t paying my bill, because apparently it wasn’t coming to my home address because APPARENTLY, when I called a few months ago to clear up the problem, they didn’t fix it. So who paid a penalty? Me.

So then I tried to correct the address problem. First I called Comcast’s 800 number, then I sat through an endless selection of menu items, laboriously inputted the account information, phone number, address, etc., and was finally redirected to what was promised as an agent who could help me.

Click. Dead.

This happened three times on Monday and twice on Tuesday. When it happened again on Wednesday, I gave up, logged onto the ‘net, and went to the Comcast support site. First I tried the live chat help. Inputted the info all over again and waited. The little spinner just kept on spinning….. for half an hour. I tried again. Same thing. So I tried the link for email support. It took me back to the live chat page.

Talk about frustrating! I wanted to beat my head against a wall. I couldn’t reach a person on the phone and I couldn’t even send anyone an email. At that point, I was ready to cancel my Comcast subscription entirely. And then, suddenly, on the third try, the live chat went through and a very nice person named Marnella (at least I assume it was a person) asked the right questions, got my info, and fixed the problem.  Fingers crossed.

Comcast is a behemoth. It is simply too big to care about its individual customers. Had I selected the menu option to cancel my account, I have a feeling I would have reached a person immediately.

Maybe next time, I’ll try that. And then I really will cancel, because I’ve had it.

Have you had similar experiences with a Goliath in your neighborhood? Slingshots, anyone?
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