Monday, December 19, 2011


by Kate Collins

For many years, the tradition in my family on Christmas Eve has been to come together  for a light meal, open presents, attend the candlelight service at our church, and head back home to eat cookies before going our separate ways. After my husband passed away, these traditions helped me get through what could have been a terribly painful, lonely time, but simply knowing that my family would be there to celebrate in a way I’ve known all my life has not only comforted me, but enabled to move forward.  I think of them as gifts under the tree that my parents left for me, my sister and my brother to share with our loved ones. They are things I want my kids to remember and pass along to their loved ones, too. 

This year, my daughters Natasha and Julie and my niece Linci are going to help me make a Greek meal that we know my late husband would have loved.  When the Cozy Chicks cookbook comes out after the first of the year, I will be sharing it with you, so, if you’d like to find out what we made in my late husband’s memory, be watching for it. I’ll tell you the name of the recipe in another blog. (I love tempting my friends.)

So now I’d like to know something about you. What are the traditions that matter to you and your family? What customs would you like your children to remember and hopefully pass along to the important people in their lives? It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim or have no religion at all, I would really appreciate your sharing customs that matter to you.


The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

Oh that sounds like a great tradition, and I'm sure the meal will be fabulous :)

I moved from Australia to Canada five years ago, and so there were lots of new traditions I had to get used to (no more picnics on the beach on christmas day!). I'm getting used to a lot of new traditions, but our big one is cooking up a storm. My husband always insists on making the turkey, and my toddlers help me with dessert. Its lots of fun to just spend time with the family.

Kate Maxwell said...

I did Christmas on the beach was weird!

As for traditions... they are varied. We don't normally celebrate Christmas day unless we are with my family, which isn't often. No matter what, no matter where we are, we always try to have Mexican Food for Christmas Eve dinner! We also try to do Tamales sometime between Christmas and New Year's Day.

New Year's Eve has always been big when our girls are home, baking a cake for the New Year, Crazy Hats and Streamers and lots of champagne. I have no idea what this year holds, though, as kids are in college and starting to do their own thing.

Looking forward to the cookbook! I am actually writing one myself, for our girls in school...all of those home made favorites they can try their hands at, and a few household tips thrown in!

Leann Sweeney said...

I like to cook a German meal on Christmas, but it such a labor intensive thing that I think it will be just roast beef this year. My daughter bakes the same cookies we used to bake when she was a kid, so that tradition will live on, but the Sauerbraten? Don't think so since she is now a vegetarian. :-(

Dru said...

There's a Cozy Chicks cookbook coming? Cool!

It one of two holidays when all the family comes together to catch up on our lives and we are amazed at how the youngsters have grown.

Kate Collins said...

Thanks, ladies, for sharing. I'm hoping more chime in. I love hearing about your customs.

Kristin A. said...

Oh my goodness - a Cozy Chicks Cookbook?! Where have I been? This is the first I've heard of it! How totally fun that will be!

One of the traditions that is very meaningful to me is that on Christmas morning me, my hubby, and little ones and my remaining local sister and her hubby gather with my parents at their house for breakfast and gifts. After that we all head over to my Grandma's house (she is 91) for lunch/dinner and gifts. We've had that same routine of breakfast and gifts at home and then going to Grandma's since forever and keeping that tradition going is very special. For now that means my hubby, young kids, and I keep Christmas Eve as sacred to just us and that works just fine. I know this won't last forever, but for now it is just really good. As far as what I what my kids to remember is that most of all at our house Christmas is about Jesus. We don't "do" Santa, we don't make a huge deal about "what do you want for Christmas". I want them to remember that that is how we did it and pray that they will continue to keep Christ as the center of their Christmases as they grow.

Merry Christmas, Kate. I hope you and your daughters and niece enjoy your time in the kitchen together and feel the love and presence of your hubby.

Aurian said...

O a cozy cookbook! Great!
My traditions? Do I have any? The tree? Christmas cards? I really have no idea. I did without them for years when I was alone, saw no use for all that. Now that I have a kind of instant family I do decorate, and am planning my first Christmas dinner and lunch ever. Will that become a tradition? No idea. I just want to make sure my stepdaughter has a great time.