Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did You Miss These TV Shows?

by Maggie Sefton

I know I mentioned these new TV shows earlier this Fall after I first discovered them, but I wanted to mention them once more. . .just in case you didn't see them. Hopefully, you had a chance to check them out earlier. They're all excellent programs with good actors and intriguing plotlines. Not often found in most TV series.

"Person of Interest" -- on Thursdays, CBS. The two lead actors are excellent and involved in an intriguing quest of "saving" people that a super computer warns have become targets for murder. It's a Redemption Story at its heart, because the "hero" is a refugee from high level paramilitary/espionage hit squads who's trying to make up for all the deaths he's caused by saving others now.

"Ringer" -- on Tuesdays, CW Network (same network that carries another fave program, NIKITA. Nikita returned for its 2nd season and has found more ways to up the ante for all the players. Excellent). In Ringer, two twin sisters are involved---the heroine is the "screw up" sister, always getting into trouble. She runs from a Very Bad Criminal---who's out to keep her from testifying against him---to her "good rich proper" sister in NYC to hide. Problem is, "good rich proper" sister turns out not to be all that good or proper, but she is rich. And the next day, Good/Proper disappears on a boat trip with "Screwup" Sis. Screwup assumes her sister's ID, and then. . . oh, boy. . .do things start to happen. . .for both of them. Needless to say, Good/Proper is still alive & doesn't know that ScrewupSis has asssumed her ID. Really keeps you guessing + acting is very good with lots of interesting characters.

"Revenge" -- on Wednesdays, ABC: This story takes the classic revenge tale and upends it plus gives it a very modern hi-tech twist. Plus the actors are excellent. Daughter of a betrayed/jailed/executed father returns after she's all grown up and rich on money Daddy left her in Swiss bank acct. Daughter assumes identity and starts taking vengeance on the people responsible for her father's fate. But---other cast characters add their own twist to the action, complicating Daughter's quest for revenge. Plus, falling in love with Nasty Witch Villain's son wasn't part of her plans. Neither was the return of someone from her recent past who could throw a wrench into her well-laid plans.

And, of course, my fave, FRINGE, returned for a 2nd season and has managed to complicate characters' lives and plotlines. Always fascinating with excellent, endearing actors.

If you haven't had a chance, folks, try to catch these programs in re-runs. You will be glad you did. Enjoy!
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