Friday, November 18, 2011

She Might Be Right

By Heather Webber / Heather Blake

My daughter, aka Baby Girl, was chatting away at the dinner table the other night and suddenly she said, “My second grade teacher lied to me.”

She’s 16. Obviously, she’s been harboring this grudge for a while.

Me: About what?
Her: Cursive.

Turns out her second-grade teacher had harped on the students about learning proper cursive. A lesson we all probably learned around second grade as well.

Her: I never have to use it. All my papers are type-written. Everything else is printed.

She stared at Mr. W and me accusingly as if we had been accomplices. I suppose, since we enforced homework, we had been.

I tried to think of some reason why she needed cursive—and other than signatures (which are most often unreadable) I couldn't think of a single one. Do you write in cursive? I still do, more often than not, and even my print writing is a bit of a hybrid between print and cursive, but I grew up in a different generation.

Is my daughter right? Is cursive not needed anymore? Is it a dying art?
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