Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Shopping

by Maggie Sefton
I'm back from a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with three of my four daughters---a few short days of cooking and enjoying yummy holiday recipes, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade with HUGE floating balloon characters, and strolling about in New York City's fantastic upper 60s temps and sunshine. It was perfect weather. BTW. . .the huge Kermit the Frog was my favorite balloon character as he came leisurely floating by.

Since I had reserved my flights a scant three weeks before the holiday, I had to curtail my time in NYC in order to find an affordable flight. So, I returned home late Friday night. However, that afforded me the opportunity to participate in a new "holiday ritual" ----- Holiday gift shopping for family and friends the weekend following Turkey Day. In previous years, I've found VERY good discounts in all the stores and saved a bundle of money on the family items on my shopping list. And this year was no exception.

I'm shopping for all ages and both sexes and in all sorts of categories. Actually, I enjoy that kind of shopping because you don't get bored plus it's more of a challenge. I found great discounts on toddler clothes, Junior clothes for girls, sports items, dressy sweaters, guy's dress pants, earrings, kitchen items like Calphalon cookware, Bathroom towel sets, even a specific request for an alarm clock with large red numbers. (I found it at Bed Bath & Beyond). And, I found some specially decorated chocolates for my mother. She specifically requested chocolate. :)

Maybe I'm weird, but I actually enjoy shopping for the holidays----but I do it my way. No getting up at the crack of dawn or staying up till midnight to attack a stores in the midst of a mob. Those videos of people stepping on each other are really scary. No, no. . .I head out in the mid-morning with my list in hand and hit one specifc store at a time. And I take coffee breaks and treat myself to one of those yummy holiday lattes, like the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the Peppermint Mocha. I've learned to make them "skinnier" so I don't feel so guilty.

I finished the weekend with almost all of the items on my list except a couple of gift cards and the items I need to order online. All in all, a very successful shopping excursion. And---I wasn't anywhere near a mob. Did any of you shop this past weekend? In the stores or online? Did you camp outside a store, waiting for a special item? Tell us.
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