Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Holidays in Snow Village

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

Once upon a time we had a house (well, we still do) that had no furniture.  Okay, we had SOME furniture, but we didn't have a lot of it.  But we did have Snow Village.  You know, those cute little lighted stores and houses that look so cute. (That's the Christmas Shop on the left.  The first piece I ever owned.  It was a gift from my mother.)

We had seen a HUGE Snow Village display at an inn in Vermont and I knew that I wanted one, too.  So, I started collecting the individual pieces.

After a couple of years, Mr. L bought a big sheet of plywood that he attached some folding legs to, and I had a place to display my ever-expanding village.  As I got more pieces, he built risers so that I could have the residential section above the commercial part of the village.  It was very cute!

My Snow Village is the real one from Department 56.  I don't think they make them anymore.  They started doing all kind of franchise stuff, like with Coke and John Deere, etc. and then it just became too commercial and I stopped buying them.  I liked it better when the ceramic buildings were a little more crude ... and a lot more whimsical.  But by that time, we also had enough furniture.

With no room to set up the huge table, my Snow Village got retired for a few years.   : (

Then I decided that I should set up a part of the village in the library down in the basement.  (Not that we ever go in there much.)

The other day I was reading in my favorite spot across from our really big entertainment center and thought -- I could put a few pieces of the village up there.  As it turned out, I could fit four (well, really five--one of them came in two parts) pieces up there.

I'm so pleased to see my Snow Village again (or part of it --  a quarter of the buildings are still in storage).

What's your favorite holiday decoration?
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