Monday, October 3, 2011

Want to Buy a Cow?

by Kate Collins

 I’m not really selling a cow. I've never even owned one. But if I did, and lived on a Wisconsin farm, I’d be in big trouble. Why? Because a judge there has decided that “individuals have no fundamental right to own or use dairy cows, to consume the milk from their own cows, to board their cows off their own property, or even to produce and consume the foods of their own choice, period.”

Wait. What? Wisconsinites have no right to own cows? And if they already have one, they have no right to make and eat butter, cream, or drink the cow's milk? Can that possibly be true?

You got it. After being petitioned for clarification about his decision in a recent legal case involving individuals’ freedom to consume raw milk and own shares of dairy cows, Judge Patrick J. Fiedler declared that individuals "do not have a fundamental right to consume the foods of their choice."

Helloooo! The Ninth Amendment to the US Constitution establishes that the government has no business interfering in the affairs of individuals outside of what has been specifically enumerated to it, which, of course, includes freedom of food choice. Judge Fiedler apparently believes otherwise.

This article caught my eye partially because of the mystery I wrote around the inhumane dairy farm factories that my sleuth, Abby Knight, protests against. (SLEEPING WITH ANEMONE, Flower Shop Mystery #10). But more than that, it caught my eye because I hate abuses of power, and this seems to me an obvious abuse of power. It seems to me like Wisconsin is on the road to becoming a police state. Can other states be far behind?

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) on behalf of Zinniker Family Farm in Elkhorn, WI., and several other farms, back on Feb. 25, 2010, asking it to clarify its interpretation of the law in regards to raw milk ( You can read Judge Fiedler's entire response here:
In the meantime, if you agree with the Ninth Amendment to the US Constitution, pass along the links above, or a link to my blog, so people are aware of what’s happening to another of our freedoms.

This worries me. Does it you?


Sarita said...

You got me with the title. I wondered when you'd begun keeping cows. :)

Anonymous said...

Next it will be "no right to own your own garden and eat from it" and "no right to home school, union teaching only", "no right to own your own car, public transportation only", etc. Do Wisconsin judges run for election thus needing corp campaign funds or was this man appointed for life by a former governor? This is why the Tea Party was formed, to get government regulations off our backs.

Barbara said...

I understand consumption of raw milk is controversial and illegal in some states. However, in Wisconsin of all places this judge has apparently lost his marbles. Doesn't he realize how much of his state's economy (and therefore his paycheck) is dependent upon dairy products?

Kate Collins said...

I know, Barbara! It's insane. Doesn't it seem like our constitutional rights are being slowly chipped away? As anonymous pointed out, will it be gardens next? Healthy food ban? Argh.
Sarita, that was my intention. LOL.

Linda McDonald said...

Wow, this is unbelieveable! You're right it sounds like a police state. Scary news.

Aurian said...

What is he doing? Protecting the big farms by forbidding people to own a cow and use its products? Forcing you to buy milk, butter and cheese instead?
What happened to America, land of freedom? Will the chickens be next?

Debra said...

I can't say if it bothers me without reading the entire opinion, but I do know that people have DIED from drinking raw milk. I don't understand why some people are willing to got to the wall for the issue of consuming raw milk when that energy could be used for far more important issues, like the President's Job Bill. Our infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes. Citizens are desperate for work. Our kids can't read or count. Republicans are trying to impose the new Poll Tax, i.e. requiring government ID to vote to fight nonexistent voter fraud.
Raw milk as a symbol of government taking over our lives? Huh?! I really don't get it.