Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Vacation? Moi? Yes!

by Leann

Between my kids getting married, the arrival of grandchildren, the need to promote each book, all my trips away from home in the last ten years have involved visiting relatives. Not to say I wasn't happy to travel to Seattle or NYC or Sioux City or Fort Worth or Washington DC for all these wonderful things, but there is a certain amount of work involved. With my fatigue issues, traveling is tiring all by itself. Add in arranged events and I'm energy deprived almost at once.

But next Friday, my husband and I are traveling to South Carolina to visit friends. What's fun is we are taking the dog and the new kitten, too. A real vacation! YAY! (If I left 6 month old Wexford with my two oldies-but-goodies cats, he might give Archie and Agatha heart attacks!) The petsitter will take good care of my senior citizens and they may actually enjoy a vacation themselves away from the youthful Wexford. He thinks he's hugging them when he wraps his paws around their necks. They are not amused.

We have some lovely lake property where we hope to build a home in the near future in SC, so I consider this the first baby step toward getting our dream retirement plans started. I have some boxes already packed to put in storage there. I've discovered there is one problem. My husband has already started his pre-trip questioning. I'm not sure if he thinks I'll forget to take my clothes or what. It's really pretty amusing because I am not the forgetful one in this relationship.

Then there's the need to book a pet friendly motel for a night. Easy enough. I found one chain that does not charge a pet fee and got excellent reviews. I booked it while my husband kept looking for a better deal. He finally gave up because the "pet fees" are almost as expensive as a night in the motel. Why bother looking any further when I've found a good deal with free internet and breakfast and NO PET FEE? Guess he just had to do his usual thing. Funny how this would have annoyed me ten years ago. Now it doesn't bother me at all. With age comes patience and acceptance, I guess.

What about you? Has it been a while since you took a true vacation? Or do you make sure to take "time out" on a regular basis?
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