Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ready for Football? Penn State vs. Purdue!

by Maggie Sefton

Okay, I'm about to go "on the road again." This Thursday, October 13th, I fly off for my old hometown, Washington, DC, for a two and a half week visit. I plan to be working and writing on the second in the Molly Malone Mystery series while I'm there, so I'll be in the City all week both weeks. However, on the weekends, I plan to play---both with family and with friends. I'll keep you all posted through this blog and let you know what I've been up to.

This coming weekend, I'll be joining my oldest daughter Christine and family for a Family Adventure. Even daughter Melissa will be traveling from Manhattan to arrive Friday evening so she can join in the fun. What are we planning to do? Well, first. . .we'll head to Lake Braddock High School Homecoming football game Friday evening. And then. . .after all the sane fans and parents have headed home, we will all load ourselves on board a 35-foot RV that Christine and hubby Tim rented for the weekend and drive off into the night.

We're heading on a 4-hour trip north from Fairfax, VA (Northern Virginia) into central Pennsylvania to State College, PA, home of Penn State University to attend Saturday's Penn State game with fellow Big Ten rival, Purdue University. It's Penn State's Homecoming weekend, so the normally fanatic Penn State fans will have more than usual to celebrate. It should be fun.

I have several friends who are Penn State fans, and I have to admit, they are certifiably fantatic about Penn State. :) Our own Cozy Chick, Jennifer Stanley, aka Ellery Adams, for instance. Our family, however, has lots of ties to Purdue. Our family lived in West Lafayette, IN for fifteen years since my husband was a professor at that wonderful university. Lots and lots of good memories from Purdue as well as old and dear friends. And--daughter Christine and son-in-law Tim are also graduates of Purdue. Those ties run deep.

So, we really should root for Purdue most of the time. But. . we should also root for Penn State, considering that grandson Joseph attends and grandson Matthew is a freshman, having received a Full Scholarship in Football as a Wide Receiver. Now, Matthew as well as a lot of other freshmen have been red-shirted this year, so he won't be playing, but he'll be on the field with his team. So----I guess we'll root half the game for Penn State and the other half for Purdue. This could get confusing.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to experiencing this "RV Adventure." I'm told Penn State has large parking lots for RVs, so I'm picturing a forest of people and RVs and tailgate parties. Wow. This could be a LOT of fun. :) If you're planning to go to the Penn State/Purdue football game this weekend, drop by the RV lot and say "hi." I'll make sure to post my location on Facebook.

It should be a perfect Fall football day---50s--60s and hopefully sunny. I'll keep my fingers crossed and my rain jacket close by. Anybody going to the game? How about a game near you?
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