Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Post Game Wrap-Up

by Maggie Sefton

Hello, everyone----I apologize for the glitch that just occurred with the first version of this post. Hopefully, this version shows up correctly.

I'm back in the Washington, DC area again, Northern Virginia at the moment. I landed last Thursday evening into a HUGE rainstorm. A deluge brought on by the storm activity that included a tornado touching down farther south in Virginia. Traffic driving out of Dulles airport was more horrendous than usual at rush hour. Bumper-to-bumper gridlock in the deluge. It took me two hours to reach Fairfax High School where my daughter Christine was coaching her team in a close game.

Our weekend football trip to Pennsylvania for the Penn State Homecoming game against Purdue was modified---slightly. The RV we planned to rent developed mechanical troubles so we headed for a hotel on the outskirts of State College, PA. Despite the late arrival, we managed to get out of bed early enough to claim a great spot in one of the parent parking lots around Penn State. Weather was clear with some clouds but mostly sunny, so it was perfect for tailgaiting. Yummy grilled brats and lots of good food. We had so much, we actually grilled again after the game when even more people were out grilling.

However----it was chilly. Ohhhh, yes. So I was glad I layered up. It was sunny, but breezy. In fact, there was a wind advisory......35mph with gusts topping 40mph. And the weatherman wasn't kidding. Daughter Melissa and I had tickets for the upper stands in the end zone. Great view, but super windy. Wow! In halftime, we headed to the upper level concession stands and warmed up. Winds were gusting even higher by then. So we went lower and found a great spot beside one of the student sections where the wind was partially blocked. Sunny and filled with students and all their cheering. Plus concession stands with plenty of hot chocolate. :)

It was a great game, and Penn State outplayed Big Ten rival Purdue. The entire family celebrated over dinner before we loaded into the Yukon once again for a late night 4-hour drive back to Fairfax, Virginia. I hope you all had a great weekend, too. Now. . .I'm heading back into Washington, DC and back to Molly Malone. :)

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