Friday, October 28, 2011

Playing Dress Up

By Heather Webber / Heather Blake

It’s true that I’m not a big fan of Halloween. I don’t decorate, but I don’t turn off the lights and hunker down for the night, either. For two reasons.

One, the candy. It’s the one time of year I can buy, guilt-free, loads of candy. And start picking at it two weeks ahead of time (the Almond Joys are already gone from the Hershey’s variety pack).
Circa 1999

Two, the costumes. I love seeing little kids, especially toddlers and babies, dressed up. I love seeing the excitement on their faces, and their pride at their outfits. It’s just so darn cute.

Some of my favorite pictures of my kids when they were little were when they dressed up for Halloween. Hands down, my favorite costume of my daughter’s was her Dorothy outfit. Wasn't she so cute? And we borrowed her grandparents’ black Yorkiepoo for Toto. So much fun.

And my boys? I think they’ve been through every superhero costume there is, from Superman to Batman and Spiderman. Then there were the Star Wars years, and all the TV characters, Muppets, etc. I think we still have most of the costumes up in the attic somewhere.
Circa 1998
This year, though, there are no costumes for them. So I really hope there are some cute babies in the neighborhood who knock on my door. I just hope they’re not expecting any Almond Joys.

Do you have a favorite costume of yours? Or your kids?


Kristine said...

The first three years of dressing up my little one were a ball! One of my favorite costumes of his was the year he was about to turn 2. He wore a UPS costume (like his UPS daddy), and I made his trick-or-treat bag out of a box (to look like a package). Everyone loved it! He got ooh'd and ahh'd left and right-- and ate every bit of it up. Then, there was the year I ordered him the sweetest lil' train conductor getup, and we used it for both Halloween and his train birthday party in December. But the one we all talk about most is the year he was born, and we dressed him up like Yoda (a fat baby one) and his big brother as Anakin Skywalker :) They were nearly ten years apart in age, so it was the only year we got them in the same theme, and boy, were they adorable together!

Aurian said...

Cute pictures! Are you waiting for your granchildren to wear those costumes next? Or will you give them to friends/neighbours with little children?

Dru said...

The pictures are so cute especially little Dorothy.

It's sad when the kids grow up and they don't want to wear costumes.

Ellery Adams said...

These pictures are so precious. You were adorable! I think I was a hobo or a scarecrow the most as a kid. It was an easy costume to make and it was cold in NY so I always wanted to wear pants and a thick shirt! (Plus I was a tomboy)

Dru said...

On my way home, I saw a little girl dressed like Dorothy and she had a basket with Toto sitting inside. Too cute.

Heather Blake Webber said...

Kristine, those costumes sound adorable! Love the UPS one. So cute. And Yoda and Anakin? Priceless!

Aurian, I'm not sure why I'm saving them. LOL. Would love to see some grandkids (one day!) wear them.

Dru Ann, so true!

Ellery--I wasn't as cute as that. That's my daughter as Dorothy/Snow White. :) My fave costume as a kid with Batgirl. I thought I was the coolest.

Dru, would love to see the dog IN the basket!

Karen Russell said...

My daughter was Dorothy one year, too -- such a cute costume for girls. This year she's Minnie Mouse. :D But the best costume I ever saw was a bunch of guys who did the Last Supper and carried the frame around themselves in Madison, Wisconsin.

Vickie said...

Your kids are so CUTE!

Lady K's first Halloween, she was 6 months old and we found this wonderfully warm pumpkin outfit. The hat was orange and had the little green stem. It was the only hat she'd ever wear for a long period of time.

When she was teeny, we always got her one of those fleece costumes to keep her warm in the Colorado October. She's been a dinosaur and Elmo.

Now she's 8 and alternates between dead and alive characters. Vampire princess one year, cheerleader the next. This year she's the Spider Queen. I guess I should put this THE Spider Queen.

Breaunna said...

Your kids are adorable Heather! One of my favorite Halloween costumes I had as a kid was dressing up as an orange M&M. My parents made a huge M&M out of sweat shirt material & painted the wording on it. I wore black pants & white shoes to complete my look.

Happy Halloween and stay out of that candy!

Heather Blake Webber said...

Karen, Minnie Mouse is adorable, too. And would have loved to see the Last Supper boys. So clever.

Thanks, Vickie! I love looking back at old pics. The kids are old now (20, 18, 16), so those photos bring back a lot of good memories. Finding WARM costumes is tricky, isn't it? Here in Ohio, the weather can be hit or miss. Usually it's cold, though. Not the best for costumes. The Spider Queen sounds like a fun outfit!

Breaunna--love the idea of an M&M costume! And it's warm, too. :) An added bonus. Btw, way too late to stay out of the candy. LOL.