Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mary Jane's Jacket or ... What's a writer to wear?

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

My friend author Mary Jane Maffini always looks professional.  Professional and downright cute!  Her winning smile is only part of the package. MJ knows how to dress, and part of her professional look is a great jacket. I'm not talking just one jacket--she seems to have a thousand of them. (I don't think I've ever seen her in the same outfit twice, but I would bet that's because she knows how to accessorize.)

I have never been a clothes horse.  In fact, for my entire adult life, I have depended on the kindness of friends and relatives to pick out my clothes.  I just don't have the interest or the talent for it.

But I've got an occasion coming up that calls for one to get "spiffed up." Yesterday I found THE jacket.  I immediately thought of MJ. She would look spectacular in this jacket -- except she's a little biddy thing and it would be too big for her. Well, it's a teensy bit small for me, but I bought it anyway.  It's my GOAL jacket.  You see, I'd also like to lose a few pounds before this occasion.

Since January, I've lost (as much as) 18 pounds. (Right now, it's 16 -- I seem to keep gaining and losing the same couple of pounds.)  I'd like to lose at least another 10 if not 15 pounds before my occasion.

Mind you, I've had goal jeans, etc., but never anything like this spectacular Laura Ashley jacket. (It's even got sequins.  I'm not sure, but I don't think I've ever owned any piece of clothing with sequins, although I do have a pair of earrings . . . )

I love this jacket.  I'm going to lose that weight so that I can wear it to my occasion, and I'm going to think of MJ when I wear it.

Have you got a piece of "goal" clothing?


Dru said...

I don't have a piece of "goal" clothing yet, but my goal is to go into a store and say do you have that in a size xx, moving me away from the plus size section.

Aimee said...

I've actually night two dresses already in one size down ... "my " size.

Being a mom and working at a desk has allowed me over the years to ignore the spreading. No more!

I spent a pretty penny on those dresses from my favorite store Boden and I will wear them ... without Spanx!

Linda McDonald said...

Yes I do, and I already bought it. I have a couple pairs of really cute jeans and a cute tank top. I purposefully bought them in smaller sizes than I currently wear. Will be hitting the gym today because I do plan to be able to fit into them!

Nancy said...

Yes I do! In my lifelong fight against the pounds I got down to a size 16 pair of jeans the last time, but once again cannot wear them - by a long shot. I have given my clothes away each time I outgrew them and each time I lost weight. Not this time! I saved those jeans and I am hoping to wear them again. Someday!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! It sure isn't easy, but you are doing it.

Carol S said...

Buttoning my jeans without that little button extender was my goal in the spring, got there this summer but the jeans are getting tight again.
Key to weight loss: back away from the table early and don't go to bed before three hours after eating supper.
Good luck, ladies!

Angela Hood-Ross said...

Two years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid issues and Grave's Disease. Since then I've gained 30 pounds (I'm five foot tall...not good). Since then, I keep "goal" jeans in my closet. My favorite is a pair of Old Navy Sweetheart jeans size 8. I joined Nutrisystem and immediately started losing...a total of 7 lbs in a two week span. Since then, nothing. Not an ounce more but I've been able to maintain the weight loss. I'm only a few pounds away from getting in my goal jeans, and I won't give up.

Aurian said...

Nope I don't. Wish you luck with your goal, and that you get to wear your dream jacket!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have "goal" jeans. I reached my goal this summer and now they fit just fine! Good luck.

Shirley in Baltimore

Vickie said...

Goal clothing....I have a bin saved back for my goal clothes. It's at the top of my closet. Sending out the goal vibes!!

Jody said...

My goal clothes are the ones sitting in the attic. I fit into them a couple of years ago & swore I'd never wear the larger sizes again. Hah!~ But I too am working on losing weight (esp. since my doctor wants to put me on medication if I don't). I've been trying to cut my portions & am walking on the treadmill regularly.