Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Still Want to Marry McCartney

by Leann

With reports that Paul McCartney was to marry this weekend--probably already has--I was reminded with a pang how very much I wanted to be his bride many many moons ago. Me and about a gazillion other girls. He was my one and only teenage heart throb celebrity. But here's a twist. I never admitted it. Instead, since one of my best friends adored Paul, too, I decided to say George was my favorite. I felt like I'd be betraying her. Yeah, like either of us had a chance at a Beatle. What dreamers we were!

My love for him began early in my teenage years when my British pen pal told me all about the group. I remember my heart pounding when I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I didn't cry, but I think, if I could have scored tickets for a live performance, I would have cried. Never did see them in person, though I did see The Dave Clark Five (accompanied by my friend and both our mothers--not so great) as well as The Rolling Stones. I was older when I saw Jagger and crew and went just with friends. Great show and he threw a calf skin jacket to a lucky girl in the crowd.

I have a great memento of my Beatle love. The Niagara Falls Gazette took a picture of the "queue" to get into the first Beatles movie, Hard Days Night. It made the front page. Pretty good picture and I am quite recognizable. I loved that movie and the insight it gave me into the Beatles sense of humor made my adoration even greater. For me, it was Paul all along, a secret I kept--which actually made my puppy love all the crazier. Bit of irony attached. The girl friend I didn't want to "betray" by liking Paul since she declared her "love" for him first? When we were in high school, she stole my real-life boyfriend. How's that for loyalty?

What about you? Were you or are you a Beatles fan? If so, who was your favorite?
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