Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Can't Get My Toys to Work

by Leann

Now that the work in progress is again with my editor after my rewrites, I now have time to solve a problem. Or so I thought. I got a new router about a month ago because ours was fading fast. I had no trouble connecting our laptops to the network, my iphone still works, but my fancy-schmancy ipad and my fancy-schmancy wireless printer-fax-scanner WON'T connect. No matter what I do, I cannot make them connect to the home network.

I am not a complete luddite. I do know a few things. I've downloaded the newest software. I've reset everything. I even went back to factory defaults. I put in the password from the bottom of the router about a hundred times. WILL. NOT. WORK.

Tomorrow I am leaving on vacation and hoped to use my ipad for fun stuff during the long car ride--like play scrabble. I am hoping if I take the ipad out of the house it will work, but for now I am out of luck. The urge to keep working on this is strong. I HATE computer problems and tend to be very stubborn about spending endless hours fixing what's wrong. Still, I will need to pack a few things for a nine day trip. Priorities. But in my mind, all I can think is grrr.....

This ever happen to you??
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