Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Can't Get My Toys to Work

by Leann

Now that the work in progress is again with my editor after my rewrites, I now have time to solve a problem. Or so I thought. I got a new router about a month ago because ours was fading fast. I had no trouble connecting our laptops to the network, my iphone still works, but my fancy-schmancy ipad and my fancy-schmancy wireless printer-fax-scanner WON'T connect. No matter what I do, I cannot make them connect to the home network.

I am not a complete luddite. I do know a few things. I've downloaded the newest software. I've reset everything. I even went back to factory defaults. I put in the password from the bottom of the router about a hundred times. WILL. NOT. WORK.

Tomorrow I am leaving on vacation and hoped to use my ipad for fun stuff during the long car ride--like play scrabble. I am hoping if I take the ipad out of the house it will work, but for now I am out of luck. The urge to keep working on this is strong. I HATE computer problems and tend to be very stubborn about spending endless hours fixing what's wrong. Still, I will need to pack a few things for a nine day trip. Priorities. But in my mind, all I can think is grrr.....

This ever happen to you??


FirstOfMay said...

I've had trouble with my router a lot. Most times, the problem is solved by going to my mom's computer where the actual modem is and going into the settings to either reboot the modem or change settings. As for password and user ID, have you tried actually putting in "USERID" for the user ID and "password" for the password? I can't help with the printer, sorry. I still can't figure out the "share printer" feature on my computer. Doesn't seem to work, but it might be because mom and I have 2 different versions of Vista. I'm so in need of a new printer because the on screen ink level display won't work in Vista even though it prints fine, so I was just hoping to use mom's with the share feature, but not happening. So I have to break down and buy one. I just have to find one that is a good one AND the right size for me.

Wish I could be more help. Sometimes electronics are a pain.

Aurian said...

I absolutely hate computer problems. The thing should just do what I want it to do. I hate it when it is unworkable slow. I read a great poster the other day:
I have made a deal with my computer. If it doesn't do what I want it to do, I'll let my mother behind it.
Well, that should scare most computers I guess!

Dru said...

That has happened to me and once I lost all track of time trying to solve a computer problem and I was late for an event. Priorities was to fix the computer problem.

Barbara said...

I go through this every time I add something to my computer or change anything. I don't have all the other electronic things, but I will soon be adding a second printer which has fax and copier because my husband is going out of business. I anticipate at least 3 days of frustration before I get it to work.

Anonymous said...

Did you try opening a port in your firewall or an exception with your antivirus?


Rita B said...

I have a son who's head of I.T. at his work. So I just sit and stew till he comes IF hubby can't figure it out :^)