Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Can't Believe It's October

by Maggie Sefton

I know some of you folks are ready to build a moat because you've had so much rain, but some of us in the U.S. are still having unbelievably warm (85+ degrees) weather this early October. For someone like me who LOVES summers and warm temperatures, it's truly heaven. I've worked outside every afternoon this past week. By work, I don't mean yard work or gardening, I mean "other" work----like paying bills, both mine and my mother's, handling financial details for my mom, and, yes----my REAL work, writing. Revising, actually. Specifically, I've been doing revisions on the latest Kelly Flynn mystery which I turned into my editor this June.

I'd received revisions and since the weather was glorious, I wanted to be outside as much as possible. So, I chose to work outside on my back patio while my doggies kept me company. Or, rather, I kept THEM company. Katy and Max really keep their own company. Running after squirrels, racing to either side of the house to see who might be walking on the front sidewalk and barking accordingly, checking the adjoining backyards just in case a cat might be wandering about, sleeping in the sun, and joining the neighboring dogs in sending out an "intruder alert" bark whenever the dreaded UPS truck entered the neighborhood.

It's curious. . .the neighborhood dogs don't seem to bark at the FedEx truck as much as they do Big Brown. Why is that? Anyone know?

Anyway. . .I even checked email outside and booked airfaires and whatever else I could do---all while enjoying that glorious weather. We've still got the 80's today and will tomorrow. Weather Channel says we'll get a chilly front later this week with some rain when a Pacific Front moves our way. So.....this might be the last hurrah for the October 80's. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy it while we have it. In fact, I think I'll head up into the mountains---the High Country---on Wednesday and hike around Rocky Mountain National Park and listen to the bull elk bugle. It's Rutting Season, and the male elk are fighting to keep their harems of females or start a new one. Mountain Music, Kelly Flynn referred to it. I have to agree.

What's your weather like where you are? Sunny, warm, hot like Texas, or rainy like the East Coast?
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