Friday, October 21, 2011

Hot Topics

By Heather Webber / Heather Blake

Earlier this week I was thinking about what to blog about, and was coming up with nuthin’. Nuthin', I tell you.

So I did what any desperate blogger would do and went to Google. I typed in “blog topics” and came across a website that offered a random generator of blog topics. (Insert hallelujah chorus.)

Happily, I clicked the “all” button for topic genres and then clicked “generate.”

First topic? Best American Zoos.

Okay, well, I’ve only been to a couple of zoos. The National Zoo is nice, but I prefer the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Really, the flowers are amazing. Zoos kind of upset me, though, if I’m being honest. I like seeing the animals, but get sad seeing them caged up.

Next topic? George W. Bush’s love life.

Yeah, no way. Not talking about that.

Next topic? Foot fungus.

I kid you not. What can I say about this, other than I’ve never had foot fungus and hope I never do.


-Chord symbols. Hmm. I’ve got nuthin’.
-Back pain causes. Don’t get me started on my back troubles.
-Nintendo DS or PSP. Huh. Well, in my family, we have both. Kids use DS much more.
-The Geneva Convention. I’m back to having nuthin’.
-Sleep paralysis. I don’t have anything on this, but would like to know more. Sounds fascinating.
-Old movies that rock. Aha! This is a topic that I love. But I think I’ve already covered it.

I could keep on clicking on that generator—it’s kind of fun, but this blog would suddenly get very long. If you’re interested in checking it out here’s the link:

And if there’s a blog topic you want to suggest, let me hear it. Just as long as it’s not about George W’s love life.


Dru said...

I love this idea especially when I have nothing to say. It's amazing how much one can say with random topics.

I love visiting zoos. The San Diego Zoo is a nice one.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

How about unconventional men vs what Hollywood thinks is attractive?

Liz V. said...

How about books for deployed service members. A holiday package might be nice:

Linda McDonald said...

I live in San Diego and the zoo has really evolved over the years in a good way. I think it has always been known for being a pretty cool zoo, but changes they have made to it in the past 5 or so years have really improved it. Like the monkeys used to be in a small cages. The primates had a great place to play, but the poor little monkeys seemed sad to me. Now they also have a big area to swing and play and it is great and they are a ton of fun to watch.
Thanks for the link to the blog generator. Sounds like a fun place to check out.

Rita B said...

The last time I was at the National Zoo they had an earthquake and I felt it. So I'm thinking the next time I go visit my daughter we should find something else to do...why??? 2HOURS TO GET OUT OF TOWN!! Quake was fine, sitting in Taho with 4 adults and 5 kid in the heat, moving 2" at a time was NOT fun.

Aurian said...

Stil, a fun post. I also prefer botanical gardens.

Aurian said...

O, why was there no topic about books? I know there are hundreds of great boog blogs out there!

Barbara said...

You mean to tell me George W. actually has a love life? I know Laura must love him, but sex? Eeuuw!

Kristin A. said...

LOL!!! If you are ever in Seattle check out our zoo, Woodland Park Zoo. It is absolutely beautiful. Yes, the animals are in confined spaces, but no cages. They have worked hard to recreate original habitats for the animals and most have quite a bit of space. One of my friends tells me how she doesn't like going to the zoo because the animals are too hard to find because they aren't just sitting there in cages. There is just no pleasing people, is there?!

I'm a little late here, but as far as future blog topics go, how about telling us about your Halloween festivities this year and your favorite childhood Halloween memories/costumes, etc; holiday preparations and memories as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas; a list of things you are thankful for; a list of your current favorites (you know, Oprah style. with or without a giveaway :) ). Your ramblings are fun, too, though! :)