Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dream On

by Leann

I have been fortunate to spend the last week on the lake where we hope to build our retirement home. I have never been here in the fall, never visited our good friends' beautiful new home--which is only a thirty second boat ride from our property. If I thought I wanted to get here as quickly as possible before, I am now even more convinced that this place will be my small slice of heaven.

Thought I would first share the dawn--what I will see when I wake up every morning.

The leaves are changing here right now--something I have sorely missed living in subtropical Houston, Texas. The palette is amazing--every shade of red, yellow and orange you can imagine. But I keep returning to the lake view I will have while I sit and write. I must share the few pictures I have taken.

Can you see why I am so anxious to start building on land we've owned for 7 years? And would someone please talk to my husband and tell him to QUIT PROCRASTINATING!!! :-)
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