Monday, October 10, 2011

But (sob) I Paid Good Money for That!

By Kate Collins

I read an interesting article in Yahoo News the other day about things people buy and never use. They are:
1        .      Exercise equipment.
2        .      Swimming pools
3        .      Wine cellars
4        .      Outdoor kitchens
5        .      Espresso makers

I was a little disappointed in the list because it didn’t mention my big flops, namely:
Carpet/floor washing/polishing system. Yes, we invested in one of these big ol’ duds, a Dyson, no less. It’s supposed to clean carpets using a dry powder, which sounded good to me. In actuality, however, it didn’t clean sh*t, and I don’t mean that literally. I wrote to Dyson about it and heard nothing back. My husband ended up using it to wash the garage floor. Now it’s gathering dust in a corner. I’m sure a cheaper, lighter brand is out there that works better.
Steam cleaning system. Not for steaming clothing, but for power-washing grout, bathroom showers, tubs, or anything washable, according to the box. I had a really hard time using it. The steam was powerful, but I ended up having to scrub the grout with a toothbrush and cleanser first, then rinsing with steam. I tried the machine a few times, then retired it and went back to using the shower attachment for rinsing. The machine now sits in the corner with the Dyson above.
Wet bar. Great idea! I love having a sink on a counter under a wine cabinet in the family room. Have I ever used the sink? No. It’s not deep enough to wash much. I’d rather use my dishwasher anyway.  But don’t it look purty? (See my photo)
Food processor. Wonderful invention – if you cook for a family. When cutting veggies or salad for one or two, a sharp knife works just as well and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, it’s way easier to clean. Nothing to take apart!

Phone Apps that don’t do as promised. It’s really easy to be lured into an App store, isn’t it? I got a free app the other day that is supposed to turn the screen of the iPhone into a mirror. Ha! As if it worked. All it did was turn on the camera function. I got a really good look at my feet, however. I thought maybe the $.99 version would work, so I bought it. Guess what? Uh-uh. Don’t waste your money. It shows the cover for maybe 5 seconds then disappears. Don’t fall for it!

Extended warranties.  Proven to be a waste of money. My husband used to ask the salesperson offering the warranty, “Are you saying your company doesn’t make a good product?” After the clerk would blushingly reply, “Well, no, I’m not saying that. It’s very well made,” my hubby would conclude with, “Then why would I need insurance for it?” Worked every time.
What have you spent money on but never used?  Don’t make feel like the Lone Ranger here.
Have a happy week.


Heather J. said...

Oh so many things, but lots of kitchen things like the mandolin, stand mixer, and bread maker. Sure they get brought out once in a while but not worth what I paid for them. I think part of the problem is they are in strange places in the kitchen where I rarely look.

I bought a steam cleaner that was supposed to be for general cleaning (safer than chemicals). Yeah it works okay but kind of a pain and I made a huge mess getting water into it.

Then there is the very expensive, very nice pool table my husband HAD to have for the rec room. I think the cats use it to be fed on now.

Dru said...

I bought one of those hand-held steam thingy for the grout and it never worked. The commercial makes it seem to easy to use.

Then there's the sharp knife, the hacksaw - don't know why I bought that one.

Carol S said...

It took five years before I started using my stand mixer, well, actually my husband uses it more than I do for making his cookies. I grind meat to make our own sausage. But the most money-wasting was the food processor he bought for Xmas last year. It just mashes, not chops, and then I have to clean up all the parts instead of one knife. Thank goodness it was not the expensive one.
Kate, your list is a good one on how not to waste money.

Angela Hood-Ross said...

Oh how I can relate. My husband says I am the Gadget Queen...and most of the time nothing ever works.

CindyD said...

LOL! My husband bought an expensive pair of snake gators that he has never worn! (We do a lot of hiking and stargazing in the desert.) But it is reassuring to him to have them...
By the way, I do use my food processor a lot even though there are only two of us. For our favorite lemon pie and to chop chicken for chicken salad are two of the most frequent uses.

Aurian said...

lots of kitchen gadgets that never get used, but saw them in a cooking show. The most expensive thing was my e-reader two years ago. Totally not happy using it, so back to reading ebooks on my computer.

Kate Collins said...

Heather J, you get the prize for best alternative use of expensive toy! It made my "first laugh of the day" list.
I should have added waffle maker to my list. I love waffles. Do I make them? Nope.

Barbara said...

A small kitchen like I have presents a good excuse for not buying these things. Where in the world would I put them? I now automatically think this whenever I see something that I think I would like to have.

Jamie Dierks said...

How sad and scary is it that I have 90% of the stuff listed here. But I do use my treadmill and ab lounger. Well, most of the time.

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