Monday, October 24, 2011

The Best Lipstick Ever Made

by Kate Collins

And I mean THE BEST lipstick . . . is no longer in production. Sorry. This item is unavailable/out of stock/retired-and-gone-to-lipstick-heaven, so suck it up, Lady Pale Lips. Oh, and don’t get too attached to that substitute color you just bought, because it’ll be gone a year from now. 

Why is it that my shade is always the one they retire? Why is that ugly orange-purple color still available? Hasn’t that exact same tube been in the make-up display since about 1985?  And this lovely rose hue, this not-so-red-as-to-be-garish but not-so-pink-as-to-be-cutesy one that I have been in raptures over for the past two years, THIS is the one they chose to cancel?

Take out the word lipstick and substitute eye shadow, or eyebrow pencil, and that’s happened to me, too. I found this glorious eyebrow pencil that I loved and used for a year until a sales clerk told me it was going to be phased out. So I bought 6 of them. Same with a crayon eye shadow. For that one, I went to the manufacturer’s website to buy their entire stock – 3 – so I’d have at least half a year of looking good.

The trouble with that plan is that in the back of my mind, I knew I’d run out eventually, so I tried other brands and types and found something I liked just as well, if not more. Then I’d keep using it and the back-up supply would stay backed up, until after a few years I’d come across those 3 crayons or 6 pencils and think, “Huh. I don’t like those so much anymore. I’ve moved on to something more current.”

And that brings me to the point of my rambling blog. I – and by that I mean we – try very hard to hold onto the past even when the past is telling us to let go. Go forth my pale lipped lady and find a new shade. Try that new eyebrow powder. Do not be afraid of letting go of the old to try something new. 

I’ve had to let go of a lot of my past over the course of these last 12 months. I’ve done it reluctantly, kicking and screaming in fact. But new ways aren’t all that bad. In fact, sometimes they’re better. And then sometimes they’re just about even. But life keeps moving forward, brands get discontinued, and colors go out of favor. We have to either keep up or suffer the curse of pale lips. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be colorful and just a little daring. In fact, I recently found THE BEST lip gloss ever. I’m just not going to tell anyone lest I jinx it.
Can you relate?
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