Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why My Sister is My Forever Friend

by Leann

My sister, the REAL Candace Carson, is five years younger than me. We have always been close--I was the mom she and I never really had. I did a lot of nurturing since she first came into my life. She got married at my house and even though my husband, my kids and I were the only guests, I made sure she had cake and champagne and canapes. Oh, and the rent-a-minister from the wedding chapel down the freeway.

We have always talked often, visited often (even though she lives 2500 miles away) and helped each other through the tough times everyone experiences in life. Those are reasons enough to be forever friends. Now there is another.

Since I became ill with Lyme and a couple other confounding invisible fatigue causing illnesses, my husband the pack rat has had his way. Nothing has been thrown out or donated in years. I used to keep on top of things, sneaking off to the Goodwill to donate or I would just reorganize and collect the old shoes and clothes and books in various places. But between writing mysteries and fighting fatigue, those tasks have remained undone. Until this past week.

We have made two trips to the Goodwill with my car completely full. We have packed up ten boxes of items that will be stored in a unit in South Carolina for our eventual move there. We now have enough bags and boxes to fill the car again and go off to the Goodwill donation center. Her biggest help was with books that are just too heavy for me to carry. My pack-rat husband, who has saved every rusty screw and broken bolt for decades, somehow doesn't understand that I can never, ever throw away a book. Yet throwing them away, rather than giving them away, would have been his solution. Now they will go to new homes thanks to her strength. And she IS strong. Just lugged those boxes to my car without a problem. I never could have done any of this without her help and I will be forever grateful. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

How about you? Is there someone you love who will do whatever you ask, whenever you need it done? We all need a rescuer every now and then. :-)
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