Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Staying Positive

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

With so much NOT right in the world, both with natural disasters and man-made mayhem, sometimes it’s hard to stay hopeful and upbeat. But we all have to take time for our own mental health, to realize that no matter what happens, we’ll get by. It’s about finding balance, about not letting the bad stuff get us down.

Here are a few of the things I do to get my groove back:
  • Read a funny book
  • Take a walk and concentrate on what’s around me, not what’s churning inside
  • Listen to rock and roll, all those wonderful musical blasts from my past
  • If only for a few hours, surround myself with positive people and avoid the doomsayers
  • Which means no national/world/local news at all
  • courtesy of Adam Baker
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so I find happy ones (for me that usually means cute animals)
What do you do to stay positive?


    Anonymous said...

    - Try not to get dragged into others' dramas.
    - Let It Be!
    - Yoga/Walk/Dance/Sing(even though I can't)
    - Mow lawns and pull weeds!

    Linda McDonald said...

    -Spend time with my dog
    -Spend time with animals in general
    -Go someplace near the water (beach, bay)
    -Go on a hike

    Aurian said...

    - Kiss my boyfriend
    - listen to lovesongs
    - watch Grease 2 or Dirty Dancing to lift my spirits
    - read, read and read some more :)

    I just bought Ding Dong Dead on a bookfair, not knowing it is the 4th in a series, so now I will have to buy the rest as well ;)

    Sue said...

    Like you, I turn on some classic rock and roll and then I clean the heck out of anything I can get my hands on, even if nothing needs cleaned, but that's never been a problem here. There's always something to clean. I also like to pick up my kindle and if the weather permits go sit on my balcony and go to some other place with a good book. Yoga or a walk along the nature trail work well to.

    Deb said...

    All great stress relievers! You have it down pat. And Aurian thanks for buying my book!

    Debra said...

    Swim and knit but not at the same time!

    Kat said...

    I volunteer at the local humane society and help cats get new furever homes. Eating lots of dark chocolate helps too!

    LD Masterson said...

    Music (with cleaning if I have the energy). Grandkids are good. Long walks. Or curl up with a good book and let the rest of the world go away.

    Barbara said...

    When I lived in Maine it was easy. I just went to the shore, sat on the rocks and watched the surf. Put everything in perspective for me.

    Since I've lived in PA, much too far from the ocean for my liking, I escape into good books.

    Vickie said...

    ~Listen to my 8 year old daughter tell me a funny story

    ~Watch a comedy

    ~Listen to classic rock and boogie around the house

    Dru said...

    -talking to friends

    -working on a quilt

    -listening to music

    -reading a book

    BusyMom said...

    If I need to stay positive I will talk to my husband, he seems to have a calming effect on me even after all these years together LOL... I will also just sit with my dog and pet her. She can make the grayest days sunny. Or/in addition to I will sit alone and read. I will also sometimes just sit out on my deck and think about happy moments.

    Nancy said...

    These suggestions are all good. Reading a mystery with humor is one of my favorites. Playing a few turns at Scrabble and Words With Friends on Facebook is another.