Friday, September 9, 2011

My New Best Friend

By Heather Webber / Heather Blake

Let’s just say that I’m a crafter wannabe. I love the idea of making things. Knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking...

Honest truth, though? I’m not very good at those things.

And really not good at sewing. A few years ago I got it into my head that I wanted to learn how to sew. To be able to make curtains, blankets, and maybe fix a seam properly. That phase didn’t last too long. Now I have a cute little sewing machine in my closet just gathering dust.

That being said, I do have some sewing skills. I can sew on a button and a Girl Scout badge like no one’s business. And I can fix a seam without the sewing machine. I’m an excellent needle-threader AND I tie a fabulous knot.

So, when my daughter came to me with a hemming project, I was ready to tackle it head on. How hard could it be?

Oy. What was I thinking?

See, my daughter is in a concert band that requires her to wear a floor-length flowing gown. This gown was a good four and a half inches too long. I’ve never tackled a hem that long. So, I measured once, twice, three times. So many times, not because I’m a measure twice cut once kind of person, but because I kept measuring wrong!

Finally, I got the right measurement, and then I turned to my new best friend. Hem tape. Oh, how I love thee, hem tape. I simply tucked the tape into position, ironed, and voila! Instant hem. Then I trimmed the excess (4 inches) fabric.

Daughter and I were quite impressed. The dress fits perfectly. Which was wonderful—because for a while there I was afraid I’d have to dust off that sewing machine.

So tell me, have you tackled a do-it-yourself craft project lately?

Confession: In reality, Mr. W is my best friend, but I have to tell you, that hem tape was trying to edge him out this week...
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