Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving Day

by Maggie Sefton

Moving day at last. The local moving company I chose--small, family-run, highly recommended--and I started early Monday morning. And we worked ALL DAY and into the early evening. Whew! Even with a lunch break, we still haven't finished. Today, Tuesday morning, we will finally finish the job.

What makes this move more complicted and taking longer is because we have three different destinations for all of my mother's possessions. Some of the treasured furniture came to my home, some to a newly rented storage facility in town, and some will be given away to Goodwill. I've always admired Goodwill's policy to hire workers who are not employed elsewhere and also provide the repaired or used goods at discount prices for the community.

None of today's non-stop work would have been possible without my spending the past two weekends at my mother's apartment carefully going through all the drawers, closets, boxes, etc and sorting trash from treasures. Excess accumulated papers from important documents. All of us have categories of "things" we keep. And boy. . .are we all guilty of saving a lot of Stuff. Because of all the sorting I did these last two weekends, several bags of trash were eliminated. And, I was able to start weeding out the items that could be given away to charity and used by someone else. Several usable kitchen items, for instance.

Lastly, there was the category of things that may be given to or wanted by other family members. Those are the items destined for the storage facility. I've rented a 10' x 15' storage unit in a newer local facility. However, our Merry Crew of 5, me + the family of four, had so much to do that it was after 5:00pm when we arrived at my home to unload the furniture destined to be here and remove/load the pieces leaving my home. By the time we'd removed my older pieces and loaded some of my mother's treasured ones, it was nearly 6:30pm. That's when I recalled the storage facility gates were open to new arrivals from 7-7 every day. After that, a renter could arrive anytime during 24-hr period.

Actually, I figure the Universe was looking out for us. We were all exhausted. So, we're meeting at my house today, Tuesday morning, at 9:00am to head for the storage unit. Then, it's off to Goodwill. Wish us luck.
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