Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's that time of year

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

It's September!  That always surprises me.  This spring was so cold and wet we couldn't wait for summer to come and dry us off.  It came all right, with far too many days that were dry and HOT.  Very HOT.  Because we have two very big trees, the grass in our yard was shaded and didn't go brown, but all around us (except for the neighbors who couldn't bear to see their grass wither) the grass was brown, and dry as straw.

The L-O-N-G hot summer dragged on until I forgot what it was like to spend any time outside.  And then suddenly, it was over.  Oh, it's still hot, but we've had rain and now it's September.  It seems like it was just April . . .

When I was a kid it was unheard of for school to start before Labor Day.  This year two school districts in our area did just that.

Will we see any more hummingbirds?  Usually they up and leave for places south by Labor Day, which just happens to be Monday.

And why do I still feel doomed by the coming of September?  September always meant SCHOOL.  I loathed school.  Except for learning to read and to type, it seemed like such a waste of time.  (And what is my current job?  Writing--I like to think of it as enhanced reading--and ... typing that writing.)  New schools.  New clothes that are too hot for the first couple of weeks but you wore them anyway because they were NEW.I haven't had to go to school for (mumble, mumble) years now, but September still seems to loom over me.

It's also the end of cottage season.  Time to close up the place for another year.  (Although now that we have baseboard heat and municipal water, we've extended the season by 2-4 weeks on either end of the summer.)

Yes, I love the colors of autumn, and the harvest.  (Time to hit the Farmers Market!)  But already I feel another long, hard winter drawing near.

How does the changing of the seasons affect you?


Booklady said...

I've always liked the changing of the seasons. I liked going back to school - because it was like a fresh start. Now that I work in a school I get that feeling every year - though it's a little nerve wracking being on the educator end of things.

We are one of those school districts that goes back before Labor Day. Which always seems crazy to me, but at least it gives us (staff and students) a chance to rest a little after the first few harried weeks of school.

I love Fall and I'll start taking my camera with me again on my neighborhood walks.

Not looking forward to Colorado winters as much, though.

Barbara said...

Sept. is my favorite month, but then I loved school too. Back in the middle ages when I went to school we started the day after Labor Day and got out just before Memorial Day. I love the chilly nights and warm days, and the beginning of fall foliage. It all invigorates me after a hot summer when I don't feel very energetic.

Katreader said...

Fall is my favorite time of year and I am SO ready for it. I can't stand this heat. I was talking with a landscaping guy yesterday who had been working in this nasty humid heat-he says he's ready for snow! I always enjoyed going back to school, though, aside from college, we always started after Labor day.

Linda McDonald said...

I love the Fall, even though we don't get too much of an experience of it here in Southern California. This Fall though, I am going back to school. I start on Tuesday for a graduate school paralegal program. I'm excited about it! I last went to school in 2003/2004 when I finally finished up the Bachelor's Degree I started many years before. So, its' been a while, and I'm ready (or at least I think I am) to take on this new challenge.

Rita B said...

I too love fall. And I couldn't waite to get back to school. Classes? not so much. Friends? YES.I'm old enuff to school before Labor Day and no school after Memorial Day!!

Dru said...

I love Fall and Spring because it's cool to wear jacket and not too hot for humidity to rear its ugly head.

Aurian said...

Wow, the weather here in Holland was very different from where you live Lorna! Our spring was very good weather, extremely warm for the time of year. And our summer was rain, rain and more rain. The wettest August since 1906. My vacation is always in september, when all my collegues are back. And the past three days have been beautiful and sunny.
I love autumn though, all the different colors of nature.

Vickie said...

I loved the change of August to September once I was out of school. I liked school for the most part, but enjoyed summer more.
This year it was the temps that was the winner. August was smokin' hot, but on 1 Sep we had a cool front move in and it's been highs of 70 in the day and cool in the night it!!