Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is It Just Me?

by Leann

During the last week, I have had to deal with front desk folks at doctor's offices. If you are someone who works in a position like this, a kind, caring person who is understanding, this is not directed at you. Unfortunately I must deal with the doctor far more than I ever wanted to. Sometimes, my frustration just fills me up and spills over.

I've left doctors before because of staff who work the phones and are rude and uncaring. But I have stayed with my current doctor because she specializes in all the issues I am dealing with--fatigue causing illnesses. Those illnesses in and of themselves are frustrating. Add in people who couldn't care less about the patients and it almost feels like being fed poison. I began calling to change an appointment time on Thursday. I left messages, I sent e-mails, I called many many times where I didn't leave messages hoping to talk to a real person.

I finally reached someone at 4:20 on Friday. My issue took all of one minute of their time. Their issue--deciding to let the phone roll over to voice mail--cost me hours of time and way more frustration than I should be dealing with. I asked if they had a phone problem and was told they were answering the phone as soon as it rang. Sure. Right. Um, I don't think so. If I hadn't had problems in the past with the office staff not taking messages, arguing with me over prescriptions written incorrectly or failing to return my calls--not to mention their abrupt and unfriendly manner--maybe this latest incident wouldn't have bothered me so much. Perhaps I'm whining. Okay I am whining. But if you don't think the patients are important enough to answer the phone, then why are you working in the medical field? Just wondering. Anyone have an explanation? Similar experiences? Oh, and I am a nurse. It's not like I don't know the job can be stressful. But the patient should never pay because staff members think they're just too busy.

There. I feel better. :-)
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