Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Means Returning TV Shows!

by Leann

Even though on the Texas Gulf Coast, September means summer goes on, unabated and we watch the weather for tropical storms and hurricanes, it also means shows I've missed return and new shows I might like are premiering.

I miss Ellen a lot and wish her daytime show went further into summer. I need a good laugh everyday, and she delivers. Laughing, they say, is as good for you as exercise. Since I am limited as far as exercise, I consider her show "doctor's orders!" (Me being the doctor, of course.) I am a crime show junkie and CBS has always given me plenty to watch. Are any of you looking forward to Ted Danson bringing something extra to CSI this season? I sure am. Loved him in Damages.

A late entry on ABC last year was Body of Proof. ABC tends to cancel every show I enjoy, so I am glad this one will be coming back. They did keep Castle, so I can't complain too much. Castle may be short on facts as far as crime solving and police work, but it's a very fun show with good chemistry between all the actors. As for new shows, I'm intrigued by Person of Interest and Unforgettable.

I have more favorites, NCIS and Criminal Minds among them, but let's here from you. What shows are you looking forward to this fall?
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