Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Monday I visited my local Apple products store here in Fort Collins. We don't have one of those big, shiny, separate Apple Stores that the bigger cities do. But we do have another authorized Apple store---the Mac Shack. It carries new and "lightly used" desktop iMacs and laptop MacBooks and a bunch of other Apple products including software. A year and a half ago I had to replace my dying PC laptop, so I decided it was time to return to my roots---Apple and the world of Macs.

Years ago---and I mean YEARS ago---in the late 1970's, our family got one of the first Apple computers, the Apple II. It was one of the first models the "two Steve's" rolled out of their Southern California garage. What a sweet machine with its little green screen. And what a delight to work on. Over the years we upgraded and had a variety of computers in our home. These last ten+ years, I've been on my own so I've used PCs as desktops and laptops. Pricing was the determinant. But when that last laptop died, I discovered a sweet "lightly used" MacBook at my local MacShack and it's been my workhorse for a year and a half.

Now, it's time to replace my old (think 7+ years) desktop PC. It's been sending me some signals that "the end is near," so I've started saving files on flash drives. The worst thing that can happen to a writer is to lose novels & stories. Shudder. I would have replaced it earlier, but I had to save up for the purchase AND I want to replace that aging old Dell with a new iMac.

If my calculations are right (remember. . .I was a CPA, so I scrutinize my budget), I should be able to buy that iMac in early September. So. . .today, I took a preliminary shopping browse through the local MacShack. Just to see what's there. It's located right in the middle of Fort Collins Old Town, so it's always fun to visit the area. Great coffee shops and cafes all around. Anyway, I found just what I wanted. a new iMac (as of May) which came out right before the bright and shiny new iMac model in June/July. So. . .I'll get a little break on price and score a new machine at the same time. Yes. . .the accountant in me still rules. :)

Meanwhile, I'm back to saving files on flash drives. I've been super busy these last two weeks finishing revisions for the first in the Molly Malone Mystery series that will come out in trade paperback in August 2012. I'll have more on that in the future. But for now. . .keep your fingers crossed that old PC stays alive and kicking for a while longer.
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