Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time For A Change

by Lorna Barrett / Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett

For the twenty years or so, I've worn the same watch.  Well, it's not the actual same watch, but the same style watch.  I wanted something I could see on the fly, that was silver in tone, and was battery operated.

I was very happy with the first couple of watches which simply wore out (broken thingys that hold the band), or met an untimely end.  (Flying off my wrist when I had my arm out the car window on a very hot day with no AC.)  But these last two watches have not been all that good.  I suspect they were made in China.  They not only don't keep good time (something you expect from a Timex), but they eat batteries for lunch.  The first watches wouldn't need a battery for 2-3 years.  I've had my current battery for less than six months and it's time for a change.

In fact, it's time for a BIG change.  This time out, I want something a little more feminine.  Maybe a watch with a bracelet band.  It's still got to be easy to see the time on the fly, but it's also got to be a bit prettier.

I haven't even begun to look for one and have a feeling I may not just be able to walk into a store like Target and say, "That one."  But ... there's a new watch in my future.

What kind of watch do you wear?

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