Monday, August 22, 2011

Knob Appeal

by Kate Collins
Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest impact. Like changing your eye shadow or lipstick color, or having your nails done. Even painting your front door a new color can give a house a whole new style. In my case, it was the knobs on my kitchen cabinets.
Since my husband passed away, my life has been in a constant flux of change. Big changes. Painful, heart-wrenching upheavals. They weren’t my choice, but they’re what I have, and I’m determined to make the best of them and be happy. One method that helps me deal with all those large changes is to make small modifications to my world. It gives me back the feeling of control that I’d lost.
My house came with cherry cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and even laundry rooms. Lots and lots of cabinets and all with shiny brass knobs. When we bought new appliances a few years back, we went with stainless, and slowly the small appliances were switched over, too. We bought counter stools in pewter, as well, so you can understand how those bright brass knobs stood out. Like sore thumbs, basically.
So I trotted down to Menards and bought snappy brushed nickel knobs. I spent a few hours happily replacing the old ones and then stood back to see my handiwork. The brushed nickel blends in with the wood so well, you hardly notice them, and yet what a difference they make. My kitchen looks modern and new.
Silly topic for a blog, right? But I got to thinking about it and decided that maybe the knobs in my kitchen could represent a small change we can make in our lives. Perhaps it is only a nail color. But maybe instead it could be an attitude adjustment. Perhaps in place of sitting at a railroad crossing, stewing at the delay, you can meditate or pray or do deep breathing exercises. Perhaps while standing in a long line, you can gaze out the window and be grateful for living to see another day.
What small change would you like to make in your life?
Or in your kitchen.
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