Friday, August 26, 2011

Just a Salad

By Heather Webber/ Heather Blake

Thanks to my (mostly) gluten free diet, I eat salads most days for lunch. I figure if I have to eat all those salads, I ought to at least have the goodies I want atop it.

And I like lots of goodies.

My salads typically consist of romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese cubes, bacon bits (that I fry and crumble myself), black olives, and occasionally Boar’s Head ham strips. I have to be careful with salad dressings (also have to be GF), so I usually alternate between French and raspberry vinaigrette. I’m wild and crazy, I know.

The thing is that lately I’ve noticed less and less lettuce on my plate and more and more toppings... And if that’s wrong, I don’t really want to be right.

What are your favorite salad toppings? Anything unusual?
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